You shoudl pick up the manga Both of these anime made me laugh in every episode so hard that I had to put my hand over my mouth to force myself from not laughing out loud. Awesome anime, highly recommended http: Ending was just ok You’ll enjoy the series more. The main character’s “power” was cool.

Both were very different and it seemed that the series was more than a shonen than a senin But I think that maybe you had put it on hold for a while. All of them have a fairly dramatic setting throughout the entire series with action, and are in my opinion, overall just good titles. Most Animes are hard to judge by their covers.. Seriously, are you joking? Serial Experiments Lain is on list of CoalGirls I hope the series goes well ahead as R1 was: Samurai Champloo is a guilty pleasure action anime.

Watch how mechas are used and how advanced technology can overthrow Empires. Last edited by LoliconBrah; at If you guys have anything else more comedy anime than this one do recommend me.

Small notions from myself are more than enough for an anime etc. Considering that a lot of crap or hash duplicates have been airing lately, it’s not much of a surprise that I in fact plan to avoid listing them as unique representatives of a particular genre. If you’re an adult or perhaps a mature teenager with discerning taste, you’re going to like Haibane Renmei. Ai Yori Aoshi http: Now i’m not going to search which animes you suggested All the way I thought that you had finished Darker than Black.

Also, if you happen to enjoy the anime, I would certainly suggest checking out the manga as well.


The third post should be [The Anime List]. Cowboy Bebop and GitS. Add goodies, no you probably would not as it is L-A-M-E.

Just watch Brotherhood it also covers the important parts of the first series. Organization should get over with their white costumes, they tear up easily. Already seen School Days. Originally Posted by LoliconBrah. Awesome anime, highly recommended http: I found it somewhat similar to Pandora Hearts!

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Kaichou wa Maid-sama has a weighted score of 8. Animrultima the bad thing is that we do not get to see a proper ending. Those of you love anime definitely need to watch this.

Even a few of the stories about singing idols contain music. Although it is a bit slow, it makes up for it by the story. Still waiting for Chapter 26 xD Those aren’t exactly spoilers, simply plot summaries lol, so it’s alright to share those.

There’s a good amount of fighting, and it ranges between drama and episodr comedic but it works oh, so well. First I will close beelzebhb threads, if they persist I’ll really burn the threads and won’t save any logs.

I just hope that the R1 subs are good, as Kickass has also subbed Lain and Kickass is one of my favourite fansub group. And it’s surprisingly quite funny. But watch it according to the right order i. Science-Fiction -From the whimsical adventures of a boy and his robot to the dramatic plight of a race of cyborg animeultkma, science fiction plays a common role in anime.

Recently heard about it, enjoying the hell out of it so far. Look,i have benn doing this for a looong time and i download movies,t. Any fan of Clannad, Kanon or Air must watch this!


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I think crimsonchins posted this in the last thread. Death Note FTW when it comes to story and suspense Also, another anime that I will finish today is To Love-Ru. Finished watching High School Of the dead http: There is also a movie, to be watched after the first original anime. Billo Rurouni Kenshin is really great: Besure to check out: I didn’t expect such a low score, for an anime that is highly honoured on the internet. It’s incredibly deep and engaging storyline will get you hooked right from day one and it is highly reccomended to those new to anime.

The series has episodes at this point in time, approximately of them are fillers. Inside the spoiler button is an image that only minors will enjoy to the fullest, so whoever reads this go for it, even if you are an old man.

Good that you mentioned Eden of the East, it’s another one of those shows I left in the middle, gotta get back to it Aaaahhhh!!!

Sad and a melancholic story indeed. Actually it won’t as most of you will be concentrating at the compromising position Saber is being held in rather than what is or may happen.

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