You can let that bother you or you can go with the flow. Yeah, it was windy and it was a bit cold, but what have we become! For those of you looking to complete their bucket list of marathons, registration is now open for these races. The post-race party is a perfect reward to all of us who maintained our patience through the entry and package pick-up process, the starting line logistics and the race itself. For a change, I will not write a comment on how the weather affected the results of a popular Houston spring road race. Monday, January 12, Marathon Weather Watch. It was cold, wet and windy- not a good combination. It was 43 degF and we acted like we were going to be running on the frozen tundra close to where Rosie Schmandt is from.

Now to find some steam era 1: Actually, he and some other volunteers build structures for the BCRR in their spare time. I looked forward turning around, but it seemed to just get hot, though ultimately, I think running with the wind at my back helped more than hurt. I was running easy and comfortably for the first five miles. I highly recommend that everyone listen to it sometime. She asked me if I needed anything and I told her, “I need to be at the finish line”. I want to hear your story by adding your comments.

It was hard to hear the awards announcer, but it appeared that he called out two set of awards in my category. I ran easily for about a mile and still had trouble. Now, however, it’s back to normal road races for awhile and I will be watching some of these guys from further behind!! To be honest, this is one my my least favorite of the Spring Series Runs. Eddie Rodriguez put tremendous personal efforts into fabricating of personalized awards for various categories.

Our group stayed three hours at the post-race party. The weather and the fact that the course, which includes an out and back over the Elysian Viaduct, is not run in typically flat Houston terrain adds up to a fairly challenging endeavor.

I now know how a hamster feels when he runs on that wheel. As a stickler for punctually, I was horrified when my colleagues in places like Indonesia or the Philippines would escort me to a meeting minutes late. Line for the wretched masses at public porta-cans.


Congratulations to the 11 BCTC members winning age group awards at the BCRR Winter Series! – BCTC

A structure this complicated is quite a sight to behold in 1: I think Simon said, “It’s Windy”, but I really couldn’t hear or anyone else as I struggled to complete the last stretch.

The course is completely straight from about 0. I stopped 4 times between Miles 6 and 9 and finally felt better and ran very comfortably up to Mile 21 where I started to hit “the Wall” with cramps and slowed down. If you like people cheering you on early or in the middle when you realize there still are 10 more miles to go or at the end where you need every bit of encouragement then these races are just the tonic.

It is a lot of fun to watch and I’ve been told it is fun to run in, but I am not so sure about that: John Phillips was helping organize the race and his heater was much appreciated before the start of the race. If you had a print-out with your race number and name on it, you could proceed to the line. For those old enough, Heavy Weather was the name of a great jazz fusion album released in the late s, by a group called Weather Report. I also think the fear of being passed by Mark Fraser, Neeraj Rohilla or David Piper is a greater motivator than hitting a targeted time.

There was no one at the starting line ten minutes before the scheduled start. The post-race party is a perfect reward to all of us who maintained our patience through the entry and package pick-up process, the starting line logistics and the race itself.

I don’t usually beat anyone who normally beats me in a race, but I get much closer. Sure enough, when I looked at the results, I did not finish second; I finished seventh. This was my second 10K in two weeks and it is a distance that I love to hate.


I think they may have propelled me to a stronger finish. If he were competing as a yo woman, he would not have placed. But we know that most yo men are usually partying on Friday night and have difficulty getting up early to run a race.

I am going to give Neeraj a hard time. With about a mile and a half to go, I saw Linda cheering the runners. This is the first race in the Houston Marathon Warm-up Series and a great way to train for the Houston half and full marathon.

Pete Bialecki

I hoped to find someone to draft off of going out to Shepherd, but I never was able to avoid the wind. But that can be fun!! Tuesday, Babquet 15, Marathon Training runs in India!!!

Maybe being sick at Christmas slowed me down. Once you bought a chip, you had to take another piece of paper to the chip table and wait in baanquet again. And, here is a closeup of the award Mark Fraser won.

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The layout consists of a series of folded iwnter, so a complete tour includes all the mainline and makes quite an extensive and enjoyable ride. There was a nice stretch right before the turnaround where we were shielded from the wind.

There is a definite mental aspect to this distance especially at the end that different from a 5K. This video was taken on June 19th of some the and meter heats. But, it was really hard! We all agreed we were happy not to be running the Rodeo Run. If, you wanna join us for your marathon training, shoot me or Todd an email and we would love to meet you and help you finetune your marathon training I noticed my ankles were sore this morning. The waiting in the cold and wind is the worst part of the race.

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