Fortunately, for all of us, her in-laws were as cool as her, supporting her in what and who she was. This page has been accessed 14, times. Back then films were produced in much lesser number so public tends to know each and every person involved in a film so they supported me through the journey of the Miss Manipur pageant too. I feel that when you do something you love you can always manage in however and whatever way you can! I feel one need to be disciplined, a principle of our own and respect for the profession. It made me realised how much public can raise you when you do good works. Personal tools Log in.

Film Editor Favourite Outifts: It me realised the value of my work in some ways. Upcoming to be edit: As a technician what problems you faced: In many ways, even when I do not stereotype, there will always be a difference. They agreed, on my behalf, to a part of the project. Kaiku Rajkumar, extreme left. This was webcasted on June 03rd

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His acting and performance in the film “Thouri and “Imagi Ibungo” is wonderful and worth to praise, and shakes the entire Manipur. Readers can send additional information, corrections, photographs and even complete articles on new subjects to the Facebook page, Indpaedia. Even with lots of good works, criticism must have come in different ways, positive as well as negative, how do you deal with both of it?

The page North-Eastern cinema is among the top ten. In many ways, even when I do not stereotype, there will always be a difference. It was quite difficult at times but I managed in every way I could.

His body language and display of measured emotions were in tune with the demands of the complexities of the character. This is a collection of articles archived because of the excellence of the articles’ content.

Film Editor Favourite Outifts: I would strongly advice them to respect this profession and not do it as a kind of time pass. When and how did you enter the film industry?


He had his formal education from various institution located in and around the state and nongalqmdai too did not have any interest in entertainment.

I took part in a show for Sericulture, which made me stand in the limelight. According to you, which qualities are necessary to become a successful actor?

Manipuri Movie- basanta nongallamdai part3 of 13.avi

A young Film Editor Brief Introduction: Earlier it was celluloid film, meaning it was more expensive and seldom double takes. Who is the Best Actress? Even when I took a break their love brought me basantai and I will continue to do my best to give my love back through my work till I have the strength. If found suitable, this additional information will be incorporated into the related Indpaedia article with an acknowledgement or a new entry will be created also with due acknowledgement.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Upcoming to be edit: There is always someone to prompt our lines.

Paree Khuman Pahari Date of Birth: Comments on Present trends of Manipuri Cinema: They agreed, on my behalf, to a part of the project.

But I would say I am very fortunate to be blessed with such a family who were open — minded nongalamdaai happily supported my career. If the character of Manipuri cinema were to change, the actor in him is bound to shine beyond the horizon of Manipuri cinema. So, he continues with his studies and completed graduation.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Manipuri readers can help by converting these articles into an encyclopaedia-style entry, deleting portions of the kind normally not used in encyclopaedia entries. This page has been accessed 14, times. It was a bit challenging taking up that role and portraying it in perfect form. People just fall in love with her from then on.

Please also fill in missing details; put categories, headings and sub-headings; and combine this with other articles on exactly the same subject. Again, at Cine Still, he met Henary Salam whom he described as his eminent “Guru” throughout his life and from Paree learn various lesson ranging from animations to editing cinemas and many more.


Apart from it for the first time he got an opportunity to edit a Arunachal Pradesh film known as ” Doctor Abo “. For instance, I used to wash my clothes late during the night Laughs.

Maya Choudhury – The Personage

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I was crowned the 2nd Runners up with other five titles. Contents 1 Manipuri cinema: I feel nostalgic, obviously laughs. All the same, if any author whose works have been archived on Indpaedia.

Watching movies based on comedies and listening to the music Profession: How do you manage your family and work? I always had this notion in my mind to play a mother someday down the line; also being a mother myself, I think I fit this role and love it too.

I would say it happened in Kunti. Want to develop and request producer and director not to go for commercial movies but to make films which carry high quality and values which has an impact to the society.

From the very beginning he love watching comedy pictures and it was somewhere in andpopular Director-cum-comedian Oinam Mangi gave an advertisement in local newspapers that he was seeking a comedian in his next upcoming movie.

But my choice is definitely Kaiku. Lastly, a message to your well wishers. Gokul Sakthibi Tampha is an actor we must look out for.

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