Sabeen khan February 25, She pushes him back. Bittu switches off the power supply on the set n RK rushes to be by Madhus side n asks her to relax n switches on his lighter! Jagya comes down and looks at Ganga recalling what happened in the celebration. They come out and join everyone again. Aarti looks at him and gets little calm. Not even the sons of this household raise their voices in front of him and you are the DIL… OMG Aarti turns to her furiously and says I am DIL so what it does not mean I do not have any right to say something even if my son may die… no mummiji I will not be quiet today..

Anandi thinks for a moment then says how about milk shake. Shiv is happy Anandi asks to come they have to play some tricks on others as well after all its holi. Yash tells his father that it was getting late and that he has to arrange money soon. Pa Scindhia was just watching all these with squinted eyes.. Anandi comes to choti maa and tells her she lied to her and called her outside because in all this function they all were missing her , she is sorry if she hurt her. He goes to other lady and put color on her face under veil. Yash then looks at his father and tells him that he has made decision that he will not wait for the police to act and he will arrange for ransom and bring back Ansh safely home.. Jagya has gone to hospital.

I was in front of him, but he wtitten Anandi. Sanchi says to Anandi how can she do that. Yash politely tells his father that he just wants to save Ansh. Ganga is distributing drinks among people Dadisaa signals her for something.


Jodha Akbar 2nd October Written Update Desitvbox Pages 1 – 4 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

His parents looks at him and do not like his statement. Anandi says what should have happened all is fine now right?

Sultan says how at age 8 he had seen goons come at his home n forcefully took him. Shobha goes near her and she says Ma I do not know what will desutvbox but Shobha tells her that all will be well. Last updated Apr 6, All shocked Anandi played this trick with her.

Yash feels sorry when he sees Aarti crying and promises her that he will arrange money. Sanchi asks her about her past. Sanchi asks from Anandi you did that. I was recommended this web site by my cousin. Pa Scindhia was just watching all these with squinted eyes.

Other hand, Jagya is approaching to Anandi urf Ganga. Police is not able to do anything so far and they themselves need to take action. RK starts to remove the stole n Madhu sheds tears!

4h her for all favours.

Sanchi washes her face. Sanchi very excited on her plan going to succeed.

Jodha Akbar 2nd October 2013 Written Update Desitvbox

He says you dared to go against my wish for a DIL of 4 days??? Sabeen khan February 25, Aarti is seated on the bed completely lost.

Ganga asks him if Dadisa told him about Kanchan. He takes drums and starts playing it. Anandi tells her look at yourself. Madhu is being made ready for the shot.! RK removes her hand n says. Dadisa agrees with eppisode.

Jodha Akbar 30 September Written Update Desitvbox

Pa Scindhia tells her that he also cares what happens to Ansh but he has taken this decision after lots of thoughts. He goes near her and helps her to stand up and tells her that it is his responsibilities to bring Ansh back home and he promises her that he will do so. Aarti was staring in space and had no interest in anything and she did not even pay attention to what Dubeys were talking… Precap… Pa Scindhia tells Shobha that if Aarti wants balikka stay in this house she has to leave Ansh otherwise she also cannot stay in the house….


Basant says, Jagya respects women a lot. She goes to her and asks if she had fun. Sanchi agrees for chocolate milk shake. Madhu tries to do her chant! Gayatri was there too… Yash addresses his father telling him that it is dfsitvbox now.

It is turning to be really high voltage drama…. Kanchan drops juice on herself. Desitvboxx was shocked by her statement. Punar Vivah 15th May Written Episode.

She is walking away, but Dadisa stops her. Dir asks to get Madhu decked up like a heroine n she sheds tears but goes! Dir talks of shot n RK says. Anandi when checks is surprised from where she got it on her faceshe will wash it. Jagaya is happily playing with Mannu doctor saa looks so good with Mannu Shyam and his father come and take blessings from Dadisaa.

Someone knocks at door. A password will be e-mailed to you. His green room in adjacent to Madhus!

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