Weekly Idol Episode will air on 18h00 Wednesday, Feb 27, Note the game can only be played on Windows system now, available through game distribution platform Steam. Episode 5 English Subtitles. The game design is rather impressive. Just within days after made-in-Taiwan horror game Devotion was released and became an online hit with Chinese players, the game has been blocked in mainland China amid discussions of the game containing secret insults towards Chinese President Xi Jinping. Sign in to Sixth Tone. Soup base and packet noodles that just won’t do.

Hongkou Township Dujiangyan , Chengdu , Sichuan. We have to put out the main episodes first, but rest assured that Happy Camp is on the list. Lorraine Song November 13, at 5: The daughter inherits the gift of singing and performing from her mother. SakiVI November 7, at The videos load fine on my side so I don’t think they’re banned This is a lot of difference between cast, culture and condition. A Southern Pacific Melanesian island.

When Teacher He instructs Du to submerge his daughter in a bathtub full of alcohol, blood, and snakes for seven days, the situation turns extremely grim, as the little girl loses her life, and Teacher He manages to escape. According to Downs, he quit due to health issues.

Chinese gamers and netizens are captured by the horror game Devotionthat was released earlier this week by Taiwanese game developer Red Candle Games. Taxi Episode 3 years ago. A Southern Pacific Melanesian island.


Was really waiting for episode 3!

Kshow will always be the first to have the episode so please Bookmark us for update. This babaqunarr is about the Chinese TV series.

A North China grassland. Many netizens are expressing their fear of playing the horror game.

In the post, Luo apologized for previously commending the chemistry between Dong and Jiahui — and she has since deleted the article containing those comments. As the super popular game is trending on Weibo, an entire fandom culture is taking shape, with people discussing all the different features of the game, sharing fan art, and diving deep into its story.

SEASON 2 – Ep 9

Wang Baoqiang since Ep. People can follow other players live streaming their Devotion experiences through online platforms such as bilibili. Fireplace Episode 2 years ago. Qingwaxiang Gaochang DistrictTurpanXinjiang. Project Papa November 22, at 8: Audiences are divided over whether year-old Olympic athlete Dong Li and 4-year-old Jiahui are cute or creepy as a fake father-and-daughter pair.

The show also moved off the air and is now only available online. Already have an account? Section TV Episode 12 months ago. Anonymous November 21, at 2: Episode 59 3 years ago. The videos load fine on my side so I don’t think they’re banned He wrote that he had stopped playing the game after noticing the insults to the Chinese leader.


Unknown August 2, at 4: Project Papa November 19, at 4: Note the game can only be played on Windows system now, available through game distribution platform Steam. As the game is now no longer available in mainland China, some commenters on Weibo are asking for their money back, an issue that Red Candle has not responded to yet. Wangyangwacun Zizhou CountyYulinShaanxi.

Anonymous November 10, sesson 5: Running Man Episode will air on 17h00 Sunday, Mar 03, Every Question Episode 3 years ago.

A Northwest China plateau Loess Plateau. Mystic TV Surprise Episode 10 hrs ago. It is already being compared to classic horror games such as Silent Hill 2.

Dad! Where Are We Going? Episode 5 Engsub | Kshow

The data determined by CSM. China Media 12 months ago. Up Next Weibo Super Stars:

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