In fact, Neetu is expecting. This article needs additional citations for verification. The sequels managed to attract viewers but were not all of them were as big as their predecessors and the post-mortems are still being conducted as to what was right and what went wrong. This series promises to keep you entertained and laughing and it lives up to its claim. However, the relationship of Faraz and Rabia is rekindled just a day before their daughter’s marriage, moreover, during the events of marriage Dolly gets interested in Nabeel, a Sila’s friend who was earlier slightly interested in Sila. Please support us by taking a moment to turn off Adblock on Dawn. Karachi , Sindh , Pakistan.

The eldest, Zara, strives to attain material success and in that pursuit alienates her loved ones while the younger sister Saniya continues to be the mischievous, loveable brat she was before her parents died. Below are the names of the various seasons since each one has a name and plot of its own even though the main characters are the same with the addition of new characters in each season:. But if Dabangg 2 or Die Hard 5 hits the screens, the viewer will catch it and for cinemas the one-time viewing proves sufficient. But without the originality of the first, the sequel also had too many characters and confusing twists and turns. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Some of the reasons are:. Some of the reasons are:

A storyline involving the same characters is taken to its conclusion usually the romance and marriage of a character and then after a break the bataat set of characters with a few changes returns with a new storyline a new romance which ends in marriage after love lost and found and some hilarious twists and turns Pakistani style. This is because the story-lines and dialogs are very humorous, fresh and witty.


This is very true considering how busy our routines and lifestyles oi nowadays.

The Annual Status of Education Report Seja of Ary explains that making a sequel especially of a classic is akin to getting caught between the devil and the deep blue sea — because it is difficult to assess the likelihood of viewers liking it. There are a total of 43 episodes in all.

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Editorial February 25, The divide over Kashmir THE voices that have been raised for peace amidst the din of war drums are worth heeding.

These songs are colorful, very catchy as well as finely choreographed. On the other hand, Waqar arrives in Karachi along with Neetu to attend Azar’s marriage. Both India aygi Pakistan need a paradigm shift to move from covert warfare to strategic realism.

Sadly, the much older and not-so-wise Saniya and Qabacha appear ridiculous rather than funny and entertaining. Sila gets even more despondent when she watches a video in which Azar and Dolly are sitting closely together in a restaurant.

Tweet Email Tweet Email Laughter is the best medicine. But whereas in Hollywood, it is films that spawn forth their second parts, in Pakistan it is the hyper active television industry that decided to go forth and reproduce.

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April 15, at 1: Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Posted on August 16, by Maila. However, unlike TNS and MS 2, the one series that has given birth to more than one sequel and found tremendous success is the Ayegi Baraat series on Geo.

The serial, which by now has acquired cult status, focused on two sisters Zara and Saniya who struggle to come to terms with life after the sudden demise of their parents. Critics feel this was due to good, solid performances by veteran actor Nauman Ejaz lsat a strong storyline.


Views Read Edit View history. May 7, at 3: He tells his parents about his marriage when his mother forces him to propose Laila, Sila’s close friend. It was broadcast in This article needs additional citations for verification. If the PM was focused on the wrong questions earlier, his approach to UFG is focusing on the wrong answer.

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FATF chief criticised for failing to take action against Modi. The original Tanhaiyan was created 27 years ago, penned by Hasina Moin, and directed by Shahzad Khalil.

Rabia and Faraz also have another psrt, Ana who is married and detests her father.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In their helplessness, people in need of funds turn to Shylocks.

Mehr-un-Nisa is head of her family. Their lasf is attributed to misunderstandings, and sceptical and obstinate nature of Rabia. However, Seja does strike a note of caution, pointing out that sequels are more suited for movies than TV.

The situation prevailing between Pakistan and India can spark a conflict with incalculable consequences for both sides. Relationship of Faraz and Rabia gets more tensed, especially after arrival of Faraz’ ex.

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