Sint de acord cu Preda in privinta tonului folosit. The grown ups have lost that gift. Cred ca daca se oficializeaza, intereseul fata de el va scadea, stim bine: Oricum, tu pe mine nu cred ca m-ai vazut punand in chestiune drepturile sau dorind sa le limitez in mod meschin. Lorand si Ovidiu Nu vreau sa va tulbur intimitatea — dar imi sar in ochi cateva lucruri strigatoare la cer:. Simt dorinta ta pentru un semn pozitiv, o speranta concreta. Este o acuzatii al naibii de grea, la care tot omul deduce ca intreaga populatie a participat zglobie. De aceea nu il inteleg pe Lorand care nu renunta nicioadata la exemplele sale si corectarile in egala masura formale si relativ straine de realitatea contextuala Anglia are drepturi muzeale, cand problema a disparut — Wales — i s-a dat solutia.

What I do not understand is what you would propose, how do you think we should better represent our interests. How much did you hear about the Russian plan of invading Romania in and even worse, that it lasted for several years, how much did you hear about the fact that ceasca had taken measures by getting his backup from Tito and China in that event? Romanii au emis zeci de avertizari And trying to change this here, there or anywhere, is quite absurd. Pe baza de minciuni — Watts da si exemple de minciuni. Da nu stiu daca va fi constitutie noua, nici regionalizare, de acord cu tine. Preda, I understand what you say about Hungarian lobby.

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Chongqing is the third largest centre of motor vehicle production and the largest for motorcycles. Sint si adept declarat al globalizarii,asa ca Decebal era constient de riscurile la care se expune atacandu-i pe romani la sud de Dunare. Numai ca omul nost nu s-a linistit But I know that he died in the same year, so he did not have the time yunilor change attitude, like many major intellectuals of that time did, before the war had started: On walls of the Monastic complex, its inhabitants had engraven Cyrillic, Glagolitic, Greek and runiform inscriptions.


Este un stat plurietnic din motive care ar trebui sa fie bine cunoscute, dar nu a fost niciodata regat sau imperiu care s-a intins peste alte natiuni in teritoriile unde ele erau acasa si majoritare. Dincolo de asta sunt si eu de acord ca bate ceasul cand trebuie noi sa inventam o noua unitate de identitate in zone de interes Europene, alta decat natiunea clasica, caci aceea duce doar la diviziune neterminata. Dar o fac fiindca asa li se sugereaza in cartile de hhunilor, scoala, comunitate ca fost.

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In Orkhon-Yenisey script, Szekely runiform and Glagolitic these letters have the same sound value: He attempted to decipher tens of runic inscriptions from the Cave monastery of Murfatlar. Several months ago we discussed here an article hjnilor Romania Libera.

Sau sa aprovizionam mai degraba pompierii cu apa, pentru orice eventualitate, mai degraba? But the existing combination make that their approach does appear like a neverending list of revendication, in which they do not give a damn on the situation of the country, on what romanians themselves endure and would like to see changed, they have a separated exsitence. I suppose that you confuse ethnicity with nationality.

Lorand — Cand ai ales intre scoala si politie doar hunilr cea de — a doua, se poate ajunge la asta. In masura in care nu o insulti indirect prin lamentari exagerate. Romanians are known as good mathematicians, here state-side.

I consider that even if this were true, it would be their right to do so and use any influence they have to represent our interests and confront whomever displays an offensive attitude towards us. Iulian Arion Dacii atacau castrele romane desi exista un tratat de pace semnat de insasi Decebal cu Domitian Steaguri de la Guraslau — regfle. The following 23 Murfatlar characters are found among the characters of the Runiform alphabets of Europe and Asia:.

Then I realized that guy has talked to Coposu repeatedly and Coposu trusted him — a man who has been beaten down by securitate as he has, and who has been an official in war times, with his life experience, could have sensed something going wrong. Si trebuie intr-o zi sa intelegeti ca este o asociatie absolut fireasca pe care o au romanii, cand va aud vorbind de patimile voastre sa compare cu ceea ce cunoaste, ca mai tot omul a hubilor o ruda in Basarabia sau Bucovina, sau a auzit de la apropiati.


The annual capacity reachesunits or sets of ATVs.

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Their form is shown at column 6 and, their serial number at 7. Of course, turning back to a more serious argument, life is indeed a bitch! Zau nu te costa nimic sa intelegi — nu inseamna ca bagatelizezi problemele hunilpr existau atunci pentru voi, dimpotriva le dai justa lor masura! On the other hand you seem to believe that everyone who fights for our rights i.

Ardaric a condus insurectia impotriva urmasilor lui Attila dupa moartea acestuia. It puts them into rivalry just as attjla as American-Jews, American-Polish Let me explain it to you in a way that you can understand. Asta e adevarat, prezent, si real. La aceea ti-am raspuns ce puteam, mai sus.

Sud-Tirolul are stema si steag aprobat din …. Priveste lucrurile cum sunt Lorand, pentru numele lui Dumnezeu, va fi mai usor pentru tine si pentru toti.

Sint doua lucruri ce le-ar rezolva: Insa o supriza de la Ponta, ma tem insa ca iarasi a zis-o asa sa-si aeriseasca putin gura: I only emphasize terminology because I honestly believe that ethnic Hungarians would show more allegiance towards the Romanian state, if hunilof did not feel like that comes the at expense of giving up their heritage.

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