Alex then strikes Target with his stick right in the eye. Who — apart from the handful of readers who meticulously study all bookflap texts – would have guessed that a young adult novel bearing such a — admittedly fitting, but — boring, colorless, and – I say it: But Alex decided he needed to keep going and find his family. Mullin puts his hero through hell—and we get a front row seat. How can you tell the difference between a human and a person? While at Joe and Daryl’s house they have to stay the night in an inner room of the house because the booming of the erupting volcano. It was a joy to watch these two conquer a problem with patience, strength, smarts, and grace. People who like camping in the great outdoors….

Alex starts off this book as a somewhat spoiled teenage boy. But once the event happened, this book quickly became one that I could not put down. The hero is forced to try and survive on his own and he begins a quest to locate his parents. View all 4 comments. I certainly have no qualms about that! None of that mattered to me; I was in love.

There, Darla and Alex discover that Alex’s parents have been gone for five weeks, looking for him. I wasn’t expecting much from Darla I’m not a fan of the name, dunno whybut I warmed up to her quickly and they play off each other so well.

This book deserves a better review than I’m writing. There were dark moments where blood and pain were all Ashfalk knew. Jul 29, Jo rated it really liked it Recommended to Jo by: Ashfall was kindly provided to me by Netgalley for Tanglewood. People who hate getting ash in their kecks.

And yes, that is volcanic ash that surrounds them and covered them before it was cleared away.

Ashfall Summary & Study Guide

Some of my favorite parts of Ashfall were the detailed lessons of the different techniques Alex and Darla used to help them survive. Aug 25, Giselle rated it it was amazing Shelves: There are gruesome and revolting scenes in this story, but they are essential for human survival and make this novel all the more poignant and believable because of it. Shouldn’t I curl up and just give up, I just about lost the whole second paragraph a minute a go, and my cursor keeps moving around and making me insert letters into the middle of words, has anyone else ever lived a life so hard?


He wants find a place where he can stay a couple nights by himself, and have enough food and water to last him. But these are minor quibbles, I think, and the quibbles could also be wrong.

And it is irritating. I am so so happy I finally gave this one a chance Watching Alex grow and develop in the novel was also pretty moving. But I quickly realised that it was in keeping with his character, and was able to settle into his narration. It’s science fiction I don;t like sci-fi and I loved itrealistic, a love story wound around an apocalypse, had adventure, and is …more Yes, absolutely.

Our military still runs on Windows 03!

This particular flood plain is the floor of biok Yellowstone Caldera, synkpsis portion. How can you tell the difference between a good man a bad one generically speaking. The caldera is so large that it can only be seen from a plane or satellite.

I thought that Alex was very effective as the story-teller, and both the telling and his character became more interesting and nuanced as the story rolled along. The love between Alex and Darla was beautiful and refreshing, especially when compared to all the exaggerated and unconvincing romances we came to expect in postapocalyptic YA literature.

Jan 13, Cara rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: In one encounter with such a beast, Alex finds himself face to face with death, and it’s only because of an wonderful woman Mrs.

Will the effects of a major eruption be devastating ashcall all life within a radius of hundreds of miles including human, if we survive all those other apocalypses that may come sooner than this one? It will scare the Alex starts off this book as a somewhat spoiled teenage boy. I simply had no attention to spare. After freeing himself of collapsed furniture he learns ashfaol even outside his bouse nobody has electricity or a phone connection.


Don’t go and Google that shit like I did. Such a cute scene! It feels completely believable and the explanation of how this could happen is plausible.

Alex agrees to stay put, because his uncle and aunt and cousins need him, and because his sister is there as well. His family has recently left on a vacation to visit a relative that lives in Warren Illinois. Note the wispy puffs of steam here and there at ground level.

I was so happy when I began to realize that we were going to get to see Alex struggling I mean it Which is surprisingly a lot. Now, Alex is forced to journey to find his parents — at any cost. Edmund, while Alex helps to defend Darla.

Alex was able to hear the volcano erupting for days and he lives over miles from it. This is a gripping debut.

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biok The smell attracts Alex, and when he comes across to see what the smell is its the cooking of some wild game. Or in this book’s case the eruption of a Super Volcano that has plunged the world into an ash ridden winter that is expected to last for an indefinite amount of time. Ashfall is a bit different from the current slew of dystopian asjfall. Incessant ashfall blankets everything, causing buildings to buckle under its weight.

Would we be better than anything surrounding us?

There’s a lot of fear and the realization that the world as they knew it has ended and that they must be wary of strangers in a way they never were before. When Alex’s uncle breaks his leg, Doc McCarthy sets the fracture and accepts kale as payment. Like the character in this book, I felt ashamed

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