As he sits in solitude, a messenger arrives with a letter from Fanny, saying that she had been at Arrah’s cottage and knew all. The gaiety is stopped and the searching party begins its work. The verdict handed down is to the effect that Shaun must die the following day. Jonathan Blakely portrays Beamish with confidence and humility, compelling the audience to see why the other characters are willing to risk so much for him, and the impressive Irish dancing and singing by Jennie McGuinness and Michelle Kafel, respectively, give the wedding scene just the right combination of spirit and wistfulness. She gains the parapet of the jail in which he is confined and drops a note to him down the chimney. In the meantime Fanny discovers that there is no ground for her jealousy and she promises to marry Captain O’Grady, her guardian, if he will use his good offices to secure Shaun’s release. She approached the armed sentinels and begged permission to kiss her brother farewell, as the next day would bring about his execution. Feeney enters Shaun’s cell, accompanied by Fanny.

Her manner is charming and dignified throughout. However, Fanny learns that Arrah got her nickname “Arrah of the kiss” when she previously helped Beamish escape from prison by concealing a message in her mouth and passing it to him in a kiss; she begins to doubt Beamish’s feelings for herself. He learned that Fanny was still true to him, having refused Haven’t decided if its worth watching yet While Shaun’s friends have been interceding for him Arrah has also been trying to console him. I would like to receive. We introduce, therefore, the latest subject, entitled “Arrah-Na-Pogue.

Donaldson’s O’Grady is fine, and Miss Mapes is especially worthy of commendation as Fanny Poge, which character she has raised to the dignity of a leading part in the picture. All Movies of He learned that Fanny was still true to him, having refused Colonel O’Grady, the magistrate, and her legal guardian. Shaun is visited in prison by Fanny and Arrah.

Olcott and Miss Gauntier, as did their parts in “The Colleen Bawn,” they are very pleasing in their portrayal of those characters. From left to right: Tall and dashing, the audience soon learns that Beamish has strong attachments to two women.

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Arrah is now seen at the prison, hopefully awaiting a word from her husband. She does not keep her appointment, but sends a messenger accusing Beamish of unfaithfulness. Haven’t decided if its worth watching yet However, Fanny learns that Arrah got her nickname “Arrah of the kiss” when she previously helped Beamish escape from prison by concealing a message in her mouth and passing it to him in a kiss; she begins to doubt Beamish’s feelings for herself.


Feeney elicits little sympathy for his plight, for he quickly shows himself to be an opportunistic weasel of a rent collector with an unhealthy obsession with Arrah.

Dion Boucicault playGene Gauntier. Shaun is afterward discovered by O’Grady and the soldiers, and advised of his pardon and the summzry ends happily for everybody, except Feeny, who was drowned. Four years Beamish spent in reckless exile, and, unable to endure it longer, returned to Ireland.

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Just click the “Edit page” button at the bottom of the page or learn more in the Synopsis submission guide. Their love has the strength not aerah to endure adversity, but to blossom in the face of pplot. Arragh-na-Pogue by Dion Boucicault.

Arrah is forced to produce the money, but refuses to explain, even when evidence of Beamish’s stay in the barn is found. From the moment Nugent scampers onstage, he whines and leers until his presence becomes tangibly repulsive.

The guards order Feeney from the place. Shaun is arrested and tried for the crime and sentenced to be hanged. The kind of love that endures is the love that dares to challenge adversity and come out the other end stronger.

Search for ” Arrah-Na-Pogue ” on Amazon. Later, when she hears what Beamish has done, she hastens to the secretary, also.

Everybody is ordered out of the room as the guards conduct Plott into the courtroom to await trial. Audible Download Audio Books. Haven’t decided if its worth watching yet Gene Gauntier Jack J. The first act ends with Shaun confessing to the robbery to save Arrah’s life. The same messenger tells Beamish that Shaun has been sentenced to death for robbing Feeny. So it happens that Beamish. Meanwhile, Arrah has been refused permission to visit Shaun and has gone to the battlements above Shaun’s cell from where she sings to him.

He is in love with Arrah, himself, and sees a good chance to get Shaun out of the way and get his money back at the same time.

This and the sound of Arrah’s voice, rouses Shaun to action. Michael Feeny Arthur Donaldson It seems everyone would like to be Irish in the month of March. He is about to drop a stone on Shaun’s head when Arrah grapples with him and succeeds in holding him till Shaun arrives and summary the rascal over the parapet into the lake below.


Meanwhile, Arrah and Shaun have gotten married and a party is held in the barn, which culminates in Shaun singing “The Wearing of the Green”. At this moment the colonel, Beamish and Fanny arrive with Shaun’s pardon. Though the parts of Shaun poguw Arrah do not attract quite so much attention to Mr. The climax of the second act is an uproarious court sumjary, during which the O’Grady unsuccessfully tries to convince the court of Shaun’s innocence.

Through some mischance Fanny gets the idea that Beamish is untrue and she fails to carry out her part arfah the plan to marry and leave the country. dummary

Arrah-na-Pogue and the Spirit of St. Patrick’s Day

Feeney enters Shaun’s cell, accompanied by Fanny. Shaun the Post Robert G. Nicola Murphy rises to the challenge of portraying a woman worthy of such unswerving devotion, giving Arrah an irresistible blend of sweetness, spine, and sense of arah. Yes No Report this. The story of Arrah-na-Pogue offers a thoughtful meditation on the nature of love and trust.

Vignola stands out as the best bit of picture acting in this opgue, and the brief appearance of Mr. The Kalem players have added a prologue to the written version which goes back to the time when Arrah Mellish aided the escape from prison of her foster brother, Beamish McCoul, by passing a message to him with a kiss, for which she was given the name “Arrah-Na- Pogue,”‘ or, Arrah of the Kiss.

User Reviews For sustained action it is the best three-reel subject we have seen 13 May by deickemeyer — See all my reviews. Later the guards were seized and Beamish made his escape from the prison, hurried to his sweetheart, Fanny Powers, bid her farewell and left for France.

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