There is still a mark below the blackboard showing the level of the tsunami wave. FionaCocksey 3 years ago And was the photographer worried incase he got bitten Think of all the people dying due to the USA’s greed for oil? Solar will be good until we have mined all of the metals and other component minerals out of the earth. MyrandaValles 3 years ago Spider-Man! Now and again a police patrol also drives by, stopping at every red light despite the area being completely empty. Filming the interior of the radioactive hospital basement. Your pictures of Fukushima are very impressive and offer a peek into a hidden world.

I came to Fukushima as a photographer and a filmmaker, trying above all to put together a story using pictures. You will see the most interesting places in Fukushima, learn about the disaster as well as the stories of the visited and photographed places. And extremely radioactive fragments of melted fuel, which can still be found around the damaged plant. Alone in the Zone 1 Alone in the Zone 2 Less. As others have said solar, wind, hydro, wave power are free and safe let’s explore that for a minute. The people of Japan must be afforded the dignity to determine what they are willing to tolerate, particularly if they have young children. It was only when I was older that I learnt the liquid they gave me was to prevent the absorption of radioactive iodine isotopes.

They are only allowed to spend time there in the daytime, but even during the day it is hard to find any residents here. I would like to read more!

The walls and roofs of all the buildings pdoniesinski sprayed and scrubbed. As will be seen shortly, the two disasters have much more in common. And yet wildlife thrives even in the abandoned Chernobyl zone. A moment later the beep of the dosimeter confirms this. I look forward to your response.


Fotografia i film |

I really thank you. Choose from the entire collection of the author. The ageing and collapsing sarcophagus, which prevents contamination from getting out, was recently covered by a new one, leaving the radioactive problem for future generations.

Young residents or families with children left Fukushima long ago. The scale of the undertaking and the speed of work have to be admired. Instead of line corporate pockets and puppet governments dividend greedy voters.

I came to Fukushima as a photographer and a filmmaker, trying above all to put together a story using pictures. Scientists said this, firms that build nuclear power stations said this, and the government said this. After pledging your support, please feel free to share this link with anyone and everyone who you think would enjoy the project.

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Never-Before-Seen Images Reveal How The Fukushima Exclusion Zone Was Swallowed By Nature

Bored Panda works best if you switch to our Android app. As with Chernobyl, some residents defied the order to evacuate and returned to their homes shortly after the disaster.

I have already activated my account. I am not a professional photographer: Meeting with the authorities of the Belarusian Exclusion Zone.

The rilm for the moral wrongdoing alone, that every evacuee gets, is yen approximately dollars. Great work, thank you for sharing! They return to their temporary housing, two tiny rooms and a kitchen in the hall.


It’s rather absurd to say that ‘things beyond anyone’s control happened’. Arkwdiusz are where the bright future lies.

It is only transported out of the town often not beyond the outskirts. And that includes solar, wind and hydro. Evacuation was hasty, chaotic and took the lives of more than 1, people.

Please remember that you will not be charged until the end of the Kickstarter campaign, and, even then, only if the project reaches its funding goal. We must be mad to consider building more of them.

When entering the zone, the first thing that one notices is the huge scale of decontamination work. In the background the hills to which the schoolchildren escaped.


They bet and dreamed, then they losed everything. Would it be possible to republish a couple of the images above giving full credit back to your website?

Such a well written article.

The decision not to come to Fukushima until four years after the disaster is a deliberate one, as most of the destruction caused by the earthquake and tsunami has been cleared up. He gives the reasons for returning, saying that he could not bear to see whole herds of cattle wandering aimlessly in the empty streets when their owners had fled the radiation.

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