And how much does she demand of him in such a small time? This site uses cookies. He giggles in glee at the luck of chancing upon two livers at once, and Arang backs up, terrified. I dont think I dislike anyone yet even the potential bad guys. Does she destroy living family for the sake of the family that is dead or is she just so corrupt that it’s no longer about revenge but about power? And inside we see a view of the mass grave. Kim Yoonmi September 6, at

I believe the typhoon in SK messed with the shooting. I mean, honestly, if you’re a girl whose soul literally hangs on the balance spending eternity in hell and all if she couldn’t come up with answers being black-balled by a guy with mommy issues, wouldn’t you be pissed? She “cured” the sickness of Lord Choi. Things are not looking good for Chung Jo, is it? I thinks she is diff when she is a human, she can feel inferior, can be attack etc. Loving the plot and pace. Because of those talismans placed there, malevolent spirits are sure to form.

Eun Oh freezes for a few moments before suddenly running after Arang. I just maglstrate that it ends up well. I’m sorry but I’ll have magisfrate disagree on Arang being Choi’s daughter. Cursing that she knew he would do so, she quickly unties the rope and taking it back, ties it to a tree, calling out to Eun Oh to regain consciousness.

Couldn’t they just re-attach her soul to that bod? At the gravesite, Mu Young looks at her retreating back and then turns to the grave, looking at the talismans. And yes if they are to do it directly there would be no need of all this episodes And this is exactly why Arang was royally pissed: The assassins slash at KC.


Haha, finally, they send the head of the trio to arahg the deed who approaches slowly. Because, the story is about the ghost and how she change the lifestyle of Eun Oh!! So it was Mom’s failed 1st attempt to kill Arang that rendered her “invincible” for now.

Korean Show: Arang And The Magistrate (Episode 6)

Arang asks if he has something to start a fire and the man sudden twitches and starts slapping himself. If this is the case and the Jade Emperor knows that Mu-Yeon is the one behind it all then it seems to cruel to have Mu-Young involved in this. Okay so Epizode have to say this and I bite my tongue while I say it cause I said something along the lines of.

She needs Arang to willingly separate Arang’s soul from her own body. She wakes in the morning all alone and screams for Eun-oh. There’s no spark in the story despite the revelation of who’s what, what whose.

Lee Sung Min Cameo. Soo creepy, and I didn’t understand anything he was saying watching raw. Unnerved at this sense of deja vu, she asks for his name.

So I’m wondering which is the translation. So Arang just lost her identity but didn’t morph into Liver-Eater.

So I paid attention a lot I always do. I think they need to rename Miryang Sunnydale. So I see this time-limit thing as a way to both motivate Arang and get sure the plan doesn’t backfire on them. Eun Ho is the chief means the gods had devised to do so.

He looked for her. Jade Emperor sneezes, which he attributes to someone Arang bitching him out down below. He disappeared like a ghost, but he had a body.


Arang and the Magistrate Episode 7 Recap | Akiko’s Morning Coffee !! :]

I feel that, the scenes where Eun Oh shouted at Arang when she felt is one dramwcrazy the most heart-breaking scences in drama for me. Because of those talismans placed there, malevolent spirits are sure to form. Your email address will not be published. And during those times, whenever they talked, they ended up with a fight.

Just my thought though — does anyone think WR might like SJ at some point? As she lands, she almost goes flying past the landing and into the water below. But when she came into contact with MY’s sister who had thhe into Creepy Mom’s shell, the usual process failed, the JE was alerted to something evil this way comes. Except Dumbledore is hot and cheeky in this version.

Looks still quite young in sageuk garb. SS stares at his turtle boat plan which is going to be unfunded now. Arang calls out for Eun-oh over and over, and gets no response.

Akiko’s Morning Coffee !! :]

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