BBCode Please don’t feed the trolls! At least Mix got her titties back I do want to address Zessica’s ending. Well, this is the second time i got attracted to a mecha series.. It wouldn’t be the same without her. Katsunori Kikuchi ep 7 Momoko Makiuchi ep 7. Then both of them fell. Kagura x Zessica FTW.

Tell me about it man. And he considers the girl “the one for him” 1st day aired 60 mins. If the rest of the cast is reincarnated I would assume Andy the guy that signed up to be with girls is Pierre but that’s pure speculation. Two got exchanged to hole digging guy and class rep girl, so they can unite again. And hey, is it illogical Mix would get her breasts back? This end is so weird

Christopher Bevins as Apollo. DEAVA the Aquaria Academy exists to train men and women to use Aquaria, but they cannot ever merge because of Guize stones, these block an “unholy union” between genders.

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Josh Grelle as Andy W. But for what I saw Episode 26, I hope is just only myself. Daniel Mancilla Jeremy Jimenez Subtitling: A new eisode of characters, piloting a new Aquarion robot, will fight enemies from another dimension.


And nice to someone else who has epsiode the original series TBH i still need to watch the movie. The episode was entertaining first time an anime episode felt like an OVA thats how good it was to me. Two got exchanged to hole digging guy and class rep girl, so they can unite again. Ai Kayano as Mikono Suzushiro. Kagura x Zessica FTW. Aquarion LOVE, comes as predicted. For example if they knew more about Aquarion and the past they wouldn’t think having male and females piloting at the same time would have negative repercussions.

I really don’t understand how people can like this series Adrian Cook Nathanael Harrison. His mind was warped by Mykage for such a long time that he might actual become more normal now.

Ella San Juan as Crea Dolosera. Masaru Kitamoto Takami Tachikawa.

This, however, is t Amata trying to save the girl, and the feeling made him have wing. So Amata is Apolo and Mikono is Silvia then who are the rest?

That was so obvious. zquarion


Game Reviews Columns incl. I’m unfortunately not the only one really upset by this series. Its nice to be proud of it But don’t pull it out in public and aquation it in other’s faces Kyurem Black.

Aquarion Evol (TV)

It has become an another Guilty Crown especially Scenarios with same Seiyuus. You didn’t get my point.

But he kicks ass, so I’ll forgive him. But I really can’t stop thinking about Guilty Crown while watching this because of the cast!

Shizuo Kurahashi Sound Effects Assistant: Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. Niconico Original Creator: I don’t know if the same rules apply to people other than Apolo and Silvia.

You know how Guilty Crown was good first episode the rest was shit. This Week in Games – Reanimated Feb 21, This classic supernatural samurai adventure manga hasn’t been adapted into animation since the s!

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