Can you remember 1 Deepavali without Nada’s nadagam? Anonymous August 29, at 1: There’s a lot of room of improvement which need to be looked at. It doesn’t propagate the idea of why readers shouldn’t watch them. Anonymous June 18, at If money is the only matter, better run some other business. He promises to his late wife that he will take good care of their daughter, in which leaves him to become overprotective of her.

Anonymous May 30, at Same Old Concept Pls try acting new concepts By now, some might have already made a conclusion that I’m a local movie hater. I do find some bold and brave producers and directors come up with good, above average and sometimes simply superb local movies. Many local film producers and director may not agree with me, they may even say ‘if you don’t watch, nevermind’. No sir, I’m not.

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Anonymous June 10, at 2: Movie was ok bad story line tough. My favourite scene in the movie is where Sakthi is reluctantly being carried to the police entrance exam, the way he defeatedly leans his elbow on one of the guys heads cracks me up. Vijay is brilliant, love him. I’ve watched the following movies, at least more than once when its aired. That is real life – we may not end up with the people we initially loved. Vicky June 18, at 9: Pakistan Biggest Website November 16, at Seriously, how many of us who have real talent are willing to throw our jobs behind and step forward into movie making here, in Malaysia, particularly in the indian entertainment scene?

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Jayakumar Sreedharana professor whose dream is to build his own college. You are now leaving Cinema Online’s website. In Malaysia there’s no less than locally produced movies or tele-movies released annually. Aren’t there any good stories such as hardworking people, rags to riches stories that can appalqm made into movie as a source of inspiration?


One day, he is faced with his daughter’s kidnap who is meticulously planned by Siddarth Vassan. Expectations for the above movies are rather predictable: Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman set world record with Marvel roles. Anonymous August 29, at 2: I ask, ‘why go through pain and frfe to release a low quality productions and waste your effort?

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Probably the ones who are capable of making good movies never really ventured into movie making, because they already have a job that is secure and would feed them, in other words, not many are daring enough to leave their existing jobs and take the road less taken. One fateful day, Nalaini gets into a car accident while on the phone arguing with Appalasamy. At least watchable when aired free for Ponggal or Hari Gawai. Because people like youlah we cannot develop in many areas, such as building a international space station and shoot our movie out there!!!

Movies are a big pass-time of our generation, millions of people survive on movie industry in India. Monday, June 18, Local Tamil movies – why I don’t feel like watching? The Oscar Winner Predictions! Nowadays the local songs has improved tremendously, where certain songs can’t be differentiated with the South India movies songs composed by renowned Chennai music directors.

You can now proceed to book tickets at Mega Cineplex, click the link below to continue. Avan kaal’ke oru periya appalamm pootu podunum laa!!!


Bahma Sivasubramaniam September 17, at watcb If this is what they want to show in apalam movie, I better just read our newspapers front pages everyday, it shows our passion for crime in living color, every F-ing day! Can you remember 1 Deepavali without Nada’s nadagam? You can now proceed to book tickets at TGV Cinemas, click the link below to continue.

India produces more movies fre any other country in the world. When Shruthi turns years-old, she decides to continue her studies in Kuala Lumpur to be more independent. Let me just give the glimpse of what I see OK. If money is the only matter, better run some other business.

Vijay needs different storyline or a different career.

Gotta say something Local Tamil movies – why I don’t feel like watching?

Only a handful would come forward. I loved Thuppakki, Nanban and some his older films. Vijay I am a huge fan of yours and I like all the effort you put in! Anonymous August 29, at 1: Stars on the Oscars red carpet.

The Thinker June 18, at I was disappointed with the ending and then I realised that I have been watching too many Kollywood movies. These oldies can learn a think or 2 from them.

Accept or reject the opinion at your own will.

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