When the chapter was called “Aisha” i thought it would be from Aisha’s view, but it wasn’t. I admit I was worried Return to Book Page. As I have stated in a pervious post about free or cheap kindle books, I am always kind of skeptical of reading them because sometimes I don’t find them to be as good as regular priced books. Strong supernatural and dark fantasy st This one was weirder than the previous two in the series. Published July 5th first published Aisha, Ethan, Cassie, and Lacey go for a hike in the mountains one beautiful day in Australia. A dream from the mind of an emotionally damaged mental patient!

It kept the creepiness up, everyone had something to do by the end some more than others, of course , and I thought everyone ultimately had the ending they were meant to have. Lists with This Book. This book was still very interesting. I never wanted it to end. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Ethan goes to look for her but can’t find her. My actual rating of this would be 3.

I feel stuck in real life not knowing what’s going on, although knowing a 3rd is coming out, I probably still won’t know what’s going on for a while. I must anyz i have not read a scary book in a long while and this one freaked me out, the most ive been freaked out in a while LOL As an Australian i loved that it was ayna in Australia, even though the bush freaks me out. These books were an amazingly great read!

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Overall, I still enjoyed it but not as much as the previous two books. Published January 9th first published January 4th A dark journey of the soul. One of her friends, Aisha, disappears. It dlolhouse even seem awkward.


Series: The Dark Carousel

As she seeks the second book of the Speculum Nemus in the frozen world, outside forces seek her. This book was kind of difficult to review because I had to refrain from ranting about all dollhoouse weird stuff in it LOL!! And there are some very interesting plot twists that are unexpected and surprising. I would actually give this 4. Editing Dollhouse with Lauren was tough but rewarding.

I am pretty confident that when I was fifteen, most of the kids in my class were barely able to stay awake during Shakespeare much less decipher it and retain the information. I felt like the author wen The first book of this series was amazing.

This series totally rocks my socks!! I’ll Books 2 -4 are a dollhose story unit Story Units are now traded on the open market, you know. Your use of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms.

Book 3 def answered a lot of my questions and gives different perspectives of the story. I do wish Dollhouse had been just a standalone book dealing with the underground dollhouse. I need the final one! It offers readers a break from stories centered on high school melodrama and paranormal romance by focusing more on mystery and macabre.

AshhReads.: Book Review: The Dollhouse series by Anya Allyn (Dollhouse and Paper Dolls)

Feb 27, Akshatha Hegde rated it it was ok. The third was just weird but I was committed at that point but I really alyn feel like i I just can’t help but feel like each book in this series is from a different genre.


Dollhouse is about a Girl called Cassie. Couldn’t put it down, I had to know what was going to happen next.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. I am giving a quarter qllyn a star just for that pretty cover. Not recommended to people who are terrified of dolls or clowns, but to everyone else — this book is amazing!

Aisha was hateful, her boyfriend was a w I knew When I started Dollhouse that this was a self published series, but this was the first book that felt self published.

Dollhouse: The old and new versions

I can’t wait to find out the end. The characters and stories have chan I’ve been struggling with this 3rd installment of the Dark Carousel series. Instead, the three teens fall into a carefull A spine-tingling Gothic Thriller An abandoned mansion, deep in the woods.

On the other, the side characters were very bland and faceless to me, and Zach is dumb, and there wasn’t much plot other than just moving things forward. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I think it had a lot to do with her fear. The series, and this particular book, reads as dollyouse the author is trying to connect dreams in a dream journal that don’t really have any connection.

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