The movie is so well balanced that it doesn’t leave the audience a sense of morbidness during the murder parts of the movie. The story begins with a central character Ramanujam aka Ambi aka Rules Ramanujam owing to his ability to do everything by rules and regulations, a real hard to see honest lawyer which is ironic due to the fact that all lawyers everywhere are considered “scum bags”. A R Rahman, thou shall be missed. But it has been wasted in bad film making. What could have been better: The song “Lajjavathiye” from the soundtrack of the Malayalam film 4 the People was composed and sung by Gift; it was a viral hit in Kerala. Must see film for all audience.

Ashok Kumar 16 December It doesnt reach everyone in the same way. Retrieved 27 December So, go ahead by all means. I can give you 10 reasons why Anniyan sucked bad. An action sequence was filmed in a set erected in Campa Cola grounds, Chennai.

Archived from the original on 2 November Music by “harris jayaraj” is always a pleasant for ears. It is hard to beleive that ‘Nandy’ cannot recognize ambi from remo from anniyan, until the point she is about to be murdered.

Forget about the critics who list past movies from which various aspects of Anniyan like concept, theme, stunts, music was inspired or copied. Wonder how deep the social message will be taken by the masses.

There are few heavy portions involving me in the movie that I have given my best. An insult to the movie industry rangaa 27 August He kick starts abniyan process through which he starts punishing the wicked people on earth.


Just one note when watching Anniyan: Anniyan Theatrical release poster. The truth is I was pretty skeptical when I went to the theater. The plot was really good but the movie got screwed because of the writer. Prakashraj looked like a moron in that scends. I also liked the quote “He who comes from hell is not afraid of hot ashes”: Badri – Vivek remix tamil comedy with vijay by rasathi Views: The semi-classical song “Kumari” was the first of the scenes to be shot.

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Distributor Karunakara Reddy of Megha Films in Hyderabad quipped, ” Aparichitudu has taken an opening just like a Telugu superstar film and should collect a distributor’s share of Rs. To summarize in one sentence – “Can watch once, but cannot avoid a tinge of vivei as the movie ends.

I would watch this film for his performance alone. Anniyan is definitely a feather in the cap of Vikram.

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I enjoyed the last bit when he changes to and fro between anniyan and ambi. Retrieved 20 November Anniyan is really a good movie to see. Views Read Edit View history. At time of writing he has acted in over Tamil films in a variety of roles.


anniyan comedy scenes vikram sada shankar vivek prakash raj

Anniyan the big movie of this year is definitely a worth for money. Though the message of the film is already given in many movies previous shankar movies,samurai,etc.

Retrieved 31 July Archived from the original on 14 December While the other two personalities showed more vulnerability to violence. Shankar does this job to a more-than-satisfying extent. It’s difficult digesting getting beaten up.

Archived from the original on 13 November AR Rehman must be laughing at Harris Jeyraj. Retrieved 5 December LOL Now for the pluses: In essence, it was a cock-mocktail. I wouldn’t say he becomes the character, but there’s definitely some kind of internalisation. Dialogues for the film were written by ‘Bhairava’ Bharathan.

Smith is the only one on my list now. One of the best Indian thrillers yet, Aparichitudu succeeds not only in grabbing the audience’s attention, but in keeping us thinking as well. Good songs, great cinematography, wonderful although sometimes unbelievable stunts, great acting performance, nice comedy and classic direction.

Jeshi 10 September Those were more comedy’s. Gilli music has been scored by Vidhyasagar.

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