Alma comes home with the cash, but is visibly shaken. Looking in the mirror check. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here What we do with them is up to us. A blank wall might work better. Which really happens in real life. I hoped the surprise ending would be worth the wait.

An old man who stopped dreaming a long time ago starts to dream again. Notify me of new posts via email. The car crash scene was well directed, the part I most enjoyed. The church scene was insane. It could have been in the experimental category. Newer Post Older Post Home. Your career is indeed going stronger than before!!!

Seeing the male lead die…or did he? The church scene was insane. This genre has considerably dwindled and almost disappeared in the first decade of the new millennium. If you cannot deliver valid visuals, turn to radio drama which doesn’t require moving images. Maybe the girl of his aninay reads his diary, keeps it for a day, something could develop from there…the film ends with a montage of the two spending time together. It had narrative drive, solid characters, a clear plot.

This won Best Narrative, and most of the awards.

Kc miller indie film – BuzzTMZ

The short aning submitted are divided into three main categories: It ends with a boy in white Muslim clothes, holding a gun, and with a bullet hole in his head. I hoped the surprise ending would be worth the wait. It could have been edited tighter. Here are my thoughts on each in no particular order. You miss moie family, you miss your friends, you miss your country. A flicker of his old self.


While Posadas’ style is a throwback to a different era when women were the more desirable objects, and is thus surprisingly refreshing, those gull — like this one — were irrefutably bad.

And bad isn’t good!


Moreover, you couldn’t read the names of the cast when the credits roll. Fortunately, I was able to see them all. Which really happens in real life. Here, the film impresses.

It was that good.

Kc miller indie film

The event was founded in by student film organization UP Cinema, and is now on its tenth year. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here No music, no sound. Long take of a girl riding an early morning train coupled with a voice-over of lines from a Pablo Neruda poem.

And he just finished the most-awaited film of the year- Geminidirected by Ato Bautista. Ante finds a first-hand source, shoots the lower half of face, and superimposes this face with images of EDSA where the People Power Revolution took place.


,ovie in the mirror check. What is the documentary really about? Ignoring or disregarding them altogether, as though they do full exist, won’t hide the fact that they are a piece of the pie of Philippine Cinema. Slowly paced, gently lit, quietly imagined.

Clocking at less than an hour, the scenes are carelessly shot, thought it somehow benefits from brisk editing. It only happened in Manila, never outside of it.

Make Me Blush: Francis Jun Posadas’ “Aninag” – Back to the Past (aka Documenting Bad)

I will do my best here to save the woman I love, the woman I married. Most of the scenes were uninteresting and cliche.

At the end, the source comments on the revolution. Posted by Cathy Pena at movvie We find out that the letter is being addressed to the boy himself.

And then it ends. Two disembodied hands climb a rope, fighting each other to reach the top.

All hell breaks lose, and Aldo menacingly drives Alma away.

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