After discovering the truth of Enteng’s family and the evil spell cast upon Enteng was worn off, Ina’s family teamed up with Enteng’s family to fight off Satana and her minions for what she had done as Ina Magenta gives Ina Montecillo some of their powers to fight her. Edit Did You Know? The film, however, was saved by the Tanging Ina cast thanks to nice performances. Pip had a daughter named Monay. Retrieved January 8, Faced with the same dilemma she had in Part 1, Ina strugglesto make both ends meet for her family but Lady Luck doesn’t seem to be on herside.

Views Read Edit View history. While settling into her new role as President Montecillo, Ina’s relations with her family become increasingly strained. Ang tanging ina mo: An unstoppable mother of twelve children gets a job at the presidential palace and ends up in the public eye after unwittingly saving the president’s life. Languages Tagalog Edit links. Weak filmmaking and a mostly underdeveloped script keep the film from being anything above the norm.

Mariquit screenplay Danno Kristoper C. Seven Magdayaois the one in charge of her younger sibling and doing household chores.

The best friendsconfront Jeffrey and ask him to stay away summart Severina. But armed withspontaneous goofs and inventive spoofs, Ang Tanging Ina made millions inthe box office, making it one of the highest-grossing Filipino films during that time. They let it stay at that level, never really offering people a narrative to really care about. Start your free trial.

Retrieved from ” https: Metro Manila Film Festival [5]. All of the actors who portrayed members of Ina’s family return with the exception of Alwyn Uytingco who was replaced by Ketchup Eusebio. But it was actually a light from a shooting.

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Ten Ten Jaymee Joaquin This page was last edited on 10 Novemberat The five waited two years for the eclipse to happen. On their wedding day, Kiko gets electrocuted and Ina decides to stop finding another husband. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. VP Bill Serena Dalrymple Sometime later, Shammy tries to protect his reputation of being un circumcised when he becomes a victim of bullying by Nhel’s brother.


Kutis Ganda Award – Female.

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She is determined to spend her remaining days with her family, but she takes that idea to a ridiculous extreme. Four of her children are Overseas Filipinos: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved from ” https: Faced with the same dilemma she had in Part 1, Ina strugglesto make both ends meet for her family but Lady Luck doesn’t seem to be on herside.

Views Read Edit View history. Search for ” Ang tanging ina n’yong lahat ” on Amazon. However at the arrival of both Tirso “Pip” Montecillo Alwyn Uytingco and Aiza Kabisote Aiza Seguerraboth Enteng and Ina scolds them for being late and to their horrible shock that Pip accidentally impregnates Aiza during their schedules in late nights The same scene where Pip accidentally impregnates the woman he did not met while in a drunken state and had a daughter named Monay and both were comically shocked that they will became as upcoming grandparents on Aiza’s unborn child making themselves as both father and mother in-law to both Aiza and Pip.

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Each film was produced or co-produced by Star Cinema. In this sequel, Jeffreyallegedly broke Portia’s heart and is now out to nyonf Severina. On the day of her wedding, Precy who has the soul of Stefanie seek the help of Kim Atienza.

Deramas Philippine sequel films Sequel films. Ang tanging ina n’yong lahat She embodies what the character asks for. Movies We’re Excited to See Th Okay Ka, Fairy Ko!: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Ina and her family then enjoyed a happy life together.


Ina asks,”Tutuhugin mo ba ang mga anak ko? She could play a cactus and still be funny. In the end, Ina has to make the hardest choice summwry her life – becoming the mother of the nation or becoming the mother of her children. But as it is, it is goodto know that the charm of Ai-Ai and Eugene hasn’t worn off one bit in thislatest “Ina” installment. Metro Manila Film Festival.

Ina’s voiceover explains tangng Eddie survived the laht and they eventually married but they couldn’t have anymore children after the rocket exploded in his trousers.

They fete her with a surprise party to also compensate for forgetting her 46th birthday. Obviously the budget it lacking but I don’t think that is what gives a movie character. Hence, the film just reflects the colorful past of Philippine politics,making pop-culture references to snap elections, special treatment for convictedex-politicians, and Pinoys’ obsession with People Power revolts.

Also in the series, the family’s last name was changed from Montecillo to Macaspac. Strong performances make the film watchable at the very least, indicating little sparks of brilliance in a sea of mediocrity. Charo Santos-Concio Malou Santos. But when their relationship gets serious, Ina discovers the truth — Enteng already has a family.

Ai-Ai de las Alas. Retrieved from ” https: With three dead husbands and twelve children to take care of, what is the modern day working mother supposed to do?

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