Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. You can almost pinpoint the moment he realised he doesn’t know how to keep the gag going. Very few times have I seen a man keep his shit together and not cry like his older brother when he said “you were my role model. Maybe a dorm if they were lucky. Lemme tell you something: Yes you can justify them as a cautionary tale. The kid was saying they weren’t gonna kill him, and he’s right for now.

In San Bernardino, CA, Angel, 14, runs with gang-members on the streets, but it’s at home where he wields knives and becomes the most dangerous. Well if he goes to jail and gets raped at least he can think to himself “at least it wasn’t a race issue”. Do not message moderators individually about posts not appearing in the new queue or ban appeals. In their case, it was hard to get into the camp, but very easy to catch as case over just about anything and find their ass back in the main building. Thats not how it works. Nah its not like that. Videos that become licensed after they are posted will be removed. Do not ask other users to follow your social media profiles in comments or submission titles.

Soz but you gotta spell it out to me.

Scared Straight 8.avi

Wow it’s almost as if stand up comedians tell stories for comedic purposes. See Reddiquette for more details. Didn’t straibht twice about it. Bread and a circus.

You go into jail not knowing the rules could leave you in a bad situation. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. You’re allowed to show emotion. No demanding “Reddit Justice” or even regular justice in any way in post titles or comments.

They make the show with no intention of helping the kids involved. Videos Only Self explanatory. When I was a CA I used to see ruthless men who ran shit cry during visitations all the time. No links to playlists or to channel pages.


He just looks like a dopey kid who gets picked on. Someone who gets special treatment for being a model inmate. RIP Deputy Lyle http: Rules detailed rules 0. Submissions from new users, and users with low karma, are automatically removed to help prevent spam. I was so confused. No demanding “Reddit Justice” or even regular justice zndarius any way in post titles or comments.

Probably one of the saddest scenes from Beyond Scared Straight. : videos

It seemed out of place to me because it’s like he is trying to scare him straight but also he’s a man with some manners. Man this hit deep. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga surprised the audience by approaching the stage from their seats in the crowd, without an introduction.

Beyond Scared Straight, Season 1. Great scene, but it doesn’t compete with this one. Telling other users to hurt or kill themselves in any form is against reddit TOS, and will earn you a permanent ban. Maybe a dorm if they were lucky. Would we have cared about this video if the brother didn’t give a shit?

Beyond Scared Straight, Season 3. Peeling the orange is another story tho. That, or in andagius state of Texas, could just be some guy in for andaius year or two on a drunk driving charge. It’s just exploiting kids who are already in a shitty situation for cheap entertainment.

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The video is in multiple parts, but the other parts are on the side. When he discovers his stepdad imprisoned inside Fulton County Jail, GA his world comes crashing down. This shit doesn’t happen nearly as much as they’d have you think. UPN is airing the docu and its sequel without edits — as was the original on KTLA Los Angeles, despite graphic language and adult subject matter — but with frequent content warnings.

My most favorite Beyond Scared Straight moment. : videos

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In prison, giving somebody an orange to peel is a form of an invitation. All yours does is show you’re kind of ignorant. Statistically, i’d bet that’s probably where they make the most impact. The fact the younger brother was crushed to hear advice from his older brother, but looked doubtful in a way because his brother went in the wrong path was so depressing.

It was a new world for me. I hope he is. It basically is done to see if they can stay “in character”. Want to add to the discussion? Thanks for the recommendation!!

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