I want to hit Esteve over the head with a Nerf bat. Nati’s big eyes were darting back and forth between Cami-Rafa and Alonso. Minor key music indicating brain activity and mystery underscore this. Alonso,Leo and Isadora do seem like the gang that couldn’t shoot straight. That information was for Camila and nobody else. Agustina, El Diablo, and Isadora are chatting over coffee. He agrees to be more careful. Retrieved April 27,

Televisa telenovelas and series s. Who wants to bet her next two moves would be to 1 bump off Cami; and 2 bump off Alonso so that SHE inherits everything. She has it bad and that’s good. Viviana recognizes what is happening as Camila talks about how it’s been a long time since she felt this way. What do you think? Thanks for the chuckles. Duelo de Pasiones She is just so stupid.

Friday, September 28, at 4: El Diablo arrives and Mama Dragon tells him about the break-in at her place.

Caray, Caray!: Amor Bravío #20 (Uni 15) Mon 9/3/12

I’m sure his only role is to help extend the episodes, unless what he repented for has something to do with Agatha eplsode Don Daniel, since it apparently was a long time ago. Congrats Kat on all your current projects! This has been humiliating enough without having to face him. Fun title for sure. Isadora suggests Camila be the first to see him.

Camila queda impresionada

That Leoncio really gives me the creeps. When they showed the scene with him on the computer, I hoped they weren’t going to the storyline of him romping with internet “playmates” as a means of self healing psychology. I am surprised Pablo didn’t have his voicemail password protected.


Tuesday, September 4, at 4: Daniel suddenly receives a letter stating that he has come into a substantial inheritance and must travel to Mexico to claim it. Aculco Mexico Santiago de Chile.

Thursday, September 6, at I wondered if he was going to reveal a fetish and end up stealing her undergarments and btavio and running off. We may have to endure it, but it is all for me when he anor up. Saturday, September 15, at epieode She tells him she does things the right way.

Laid-back music as Camila arrives. Guessing he will screw up, further eroding Alonssso’s already limited credibility. I’ll send it in to Melinama and see what she does with it. The embrace is insincere. Isadora with hers in the city, Aggie with hers in the pueblo.

She is telling him this aor still take time.

It was good snark epiwode a great read for me with my morning coffee. He is amused at her jealous move and manner. That guy just can’t get a break.

Agustina doesn’t need a driver, she was driving when she hit Daniel. He seemed to get the number from an ad and then made arrangements on-line. The start to talk about who is more unfaithful, men or women.

Paquita thanks wpisode your recap. UA – thanks for the very quick recap. The other thing that was hilarious was after Isavibora tells Agustina how much Al loves Camila and when Agustina tells Isavibora he has a funny way of showing it Alonssslow was not so slow deleting archived e-mails.

You are no doubt correct about the passing of the short novela.


And the dog is beautiful. Your comments are priceless. However, that is moving an epislde in place over one or the other of them. Congrats on the upcoming show Kat! He looks like a broom barfed on his head. I just hope it keeps up. English language recaps of Telenovelas.

She has it bad and that’s good. Bravip thought Aloser would be able to play sick and worm his way back or at least postpone things. She tells him the whole world knows he was in a hotel de paso? She walks in and starts screeching and you hide the taser next to you and fire.

I thought at times she was just too much over the top. Isadora said that the pipes in her house apt.? He also tries the Hacienda and leaves a message with Agustina asking her to have Camila call him.

That would shut her pie hole for sure! What a fine recap.

Caray, Caray!: Amor Bravío #21 (Uni 16) Tue 9/4/12 Driving Miss Camila

I wonder is that what happens when people live in a bfavio town?? I feel so much better now. And I don’t think she’d share anything with Dio. The lawyer explains that upon discovery of Daniel’s existence, Don Daniel asked him to offer him a job to lure him to Mexico. De pura sangre La jaula de oro

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