It was actually an indirect death sentence because the sailor would a drown, b be torn to shreds by the rough wood and barnacles on the ships hull or c attacked by sharks attracted by the blood from b. Aesthetically and technically, this film had to have stood out for its time, and is still worthy of praise to this day, crafting a vision of the HMAV Bounty’s infamously troubled late 18th century voyage that is grandly immersive, in spite of shortcomings in storytelling that distance you a bit from the final product’s substance. Captain Bligh Trevor Howard boards the ship in Portsmouth, England, to embark on a mission to bring tropical breadfruit trees to Jamaica. For too long Christian remains a passive, emotionless character, so the clash of temperaments between him and Bligh remains a muted one. The crew finds temporary paradise in Tahiti before Bligh’s behavior becomes intolerable for the once faithful Christian. Although it is not quite as good as the version, it is still a very watchable epic of the sea. In it was announced Paramount would make a rival Bounty film to be written and directed by James Clavell called The Mutineers , which would focus on the fate of the Muntineers on Pitcairn Island.

I suppose you could call this film a character study, and you can certainly call it a dramatic epic that takes its time fleshing things out, so it’s not like this film was to ever have as much momentum as your typical adventure epic, but the gaps between rises and falls in plotting are much too often blown out way too far, leaving you with more than enough time to meditate upon the thin spots in this story concept, rather than the high spots, of which there are plenty. We know this style. They should have made him the bad guy, which indeed he was. Is it true that Brando married one of the Tahitian girls in this movie? Bligh, at the same time, subjects the crew to pressure, eventually reaching breaking point. By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Policies , and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango.


The voyage gets off to a difficult start with the discovery that some cheese is missing. Clark Gable boubty the best Christian. When a crewman becomes gravely ill from drinking seawater, Christian attempts to give him fresh water in violation of the Captain’s orders.

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Brando’s legendary ego clashed with results as turbulent as the fictitious trip around stormy Cape Horn. Dilm pleads with Tynah to allow Mauatua to decide her own destiny.

Bligh informs Christian that he will hang for his action when they reach port. I was struck by the contrast with another big American star playing a British naval officer, Gregory Peck in Captain Horatio Hornblower.

Noel Purcell as William McCoy.

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Nov 13, Rating: And while they were on the BountyBligh demoted another officer and promoted Christian, who was at that stage nothing but a midshipman, and made him second in command. The Wild One Again, more often than not, the film does a pretty good job of holding your attention, and never really loses your investment, yet dry spells still stand through all of the entertainment value, and I can’t really say that I’m all that surprised, as director Lewis Milestone must have had some trouble trying to sustain intrigue through a film this overlong.

Brando apart, however, I found this a reasonably good film. In Januaryafter three months of filming, Reed flew back from location with, reportedly, an “undisclosed ailment”.

Written by Mattias Thuresson. The role of Peter Heywood who inspired the character ‘Roger Byam’ in the novel and earlier film versions was originally intended to be played by Hugh Grant.


One reason for this is that they’ve received no help from Marlon Brando, who plays Fletcher Christian as a sort of seagoing Hamlet. Fletcher Christian Marlon Brando is the aristocratic second mate who welcomes the new captain aboard.

The attempt to round Cape Horn fails due to harsh weather, and the ship is obliged to take the longer eastern route. They should have painted it that way. Bligh insists that the ship boknty dirty and orders the crew to clean up several times a day. Retrieved July 12, The Bounty Theatrical release poster.

Bligh is roused from his bed and arrested, along with those considered loyal to him, and they are forced into a ship’s boat, fil, supplied, and cast adrift. Keith McConnell as James Morrison. I Am the Night. Richard Harris as John Mills. Christian by Richard Hough. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Gli ammutinati del Bounty (Mutiny on the Bounty), film con Marlon Brando, 1962.

You’d best join my war, Mr. Lean could not find financial backing for both films after Warner Bros. Man tries to recover a horse amnutinati from him by a Mexican bandit. Mutiny on the Bounty was filmed in the Ultra Panavision 70 widescreen process, the first motion picture so credited.

Seaman Edward Birkett Chips Rafferty Trevor Howard as Captain Bligh.

The New York Times. Jul 19, Rating:

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