The petition also stated that most had already settled here and the others planned to In June the case of Sister Page came up and a committee appointed to see her. Every person speaking in conference shall rise and address himself to the moderator, and shall not speak more than thrice upon the same subject. Mimms said in a return letter that “Mr. This history does not include the ordinations of deacons or licensing and ordinations of preachers. Sometime in the church voted to seek out a new site for a meeting house.

Joe Mott and then Bro. On Monday morning the evening Bro. Brick laying to be started in the near future–by Lamotte colored. Each person was to decide when to begin their donations. McNabb donated property for a parsonage site with Bro. They then dismissed in order. First Church Covenant We the undersigned members being regularly dismissed from regular Baptist churches for the purpose of constituting a church of the same faith and order, do agree and covenant before God to do all in our power through divine assistance to live together in church fellowship and support, and promote the worship of God in the administration of his word and ordinances in the purity among us, and to watch over one another in love for the good of our souls and the welfare of the church. If you moved your membership your account went with you.

Richardson donated enough timber for the parsonage and Br. In Janurary these same sisters were ready with the money and were given permission to order from Cornish Company the organ of their choice. There were a few lakes in the swamplands along the Amite River. The delegates to this meeting were Brethern Bond and D. Churh occurs more frequently from this point on.

It was surveyed by Mr. A request was made for all funds promised to be turned in at once so the well could be finished. Lucas inthe church began growing spiritually as well as numerically.

George Miller giving enough property to square up the plot. Church membership grew from in to 1, in McNabb sugmitted his resignation effective Sept. Each family was encouraged to give 25 cents toward ceiling the church. In August of the church voted to accept building plan 1 and to begin construction of 12 classrooms.


In January Mr.

May 1, there were so many cases brought amitd the church that preaching could not be held. Bond” was inserted here in error. These cases make very interesting reading and shed much insight on our forefathers and their commitment to the church.

amite baptist church easter drama

If a case could churvh be decided on by the church a sister church was asked to help out. Hebron tried having two services a month. Our church has a graded choir program, participates in graded mission groups and is helping meet the needs of our community.

They received members as follows.

Amite Baptist Church Easter Drama

Every person speaking in conference shall rise and address himself to the moderator, and shall not speak more than thrice upon the same subject. There shall be a moderator and clerk chosen baptis a majority of the church, and if the stated moderator be not present, he who supplies shall be nominated. Watts and another piece of property immediately behind the church was purchased consisting of 1. The church gave Bro. When the meeting time came Bro. They took up three dollars to send with the delegates for use of the Association.

This is very evident in her letter to esater Association in which said, “Hebron laments her coldness and want of fruit to God”. Milburn Calhoun, a student at L.

She also asked to be dismissed from the Mississippi Baptist Association to join with other churches in forming the Eastern Louisiana Baptist Association. Matthew Sharp and Ezra McMorris. During these years the church purchased an additional 3.

We believe that believers baptism by immersion, and the Lord’s Supper are gospel ordinances and that none but believers have a right to them. On September 3, the members voted for the clerk to notify the black population to stop “using our burying ground to bury their dead in”.


A POWERFUL MESSAGE: Amite’s Easter drama a sellout

Then asked him to pay his own electric bill. Some were dismissed for dancing and other “carnal activities”, such as profane language, card playing, drinking, immoral conduct, and putting away your wife without Biblical grounds.

On Saturday, April 22,David D. In church letter shows the following: Baptiat being another gap in the minutes we find in February the flow well at the back of the church being dug. Do you believe Jesus can break them? Clifford Harris to pick roses in the neighborhood, take them to Edrie’s Florist and have them made into bouquets for mothers on Mother’s Day.

Bucklew, elected a pulpit commitee, ammite called as pastor protem Rev. For many years after all bills were paid whatever was left was drwma the preacher. Every motion and seconded shall be put to vote except it be withdrawn by the mover, but some subjects may not be debated in open conference.

Mission endeavors have always been an importnat part of Hebron.

The new cemetery was cleared and ready for occupancy. Felps, Ficklin and Bond qmite appointed to make arrangements for building a meeting house. My family has very deep roots in this church and many of my ancestors, and other relatives, are buried in the cemeteries there.

With the coming of Rev.

The committee was instructed by the church to Mr. So that you may experience some of the flavor of the past, we have chosen to include the unusual spellilng found in the early minutes.

Following are two of these cases. The church also voted that they have from 4 to 6 preachers preach trial sermons. Serving along with Bro.

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