That’s Roger’s fat alien ass. It’s Stan’s finger, all right. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Oh, they will go upstairs, they will Google Dick Vermeil, and they will know how bad I nailed them. Quick, grab my disguise kit out of the trunk. Hayley suspects that Gwen, Francine’s sister, is up to no good when she comes to town.

This page was last edited on 15 October , at Archived from the original on June 26, Dad, I don’t know how to say this My name is Nate, I’ll be your server. Nope, baby seat, I’m out. My profile has four pictures of me staring out of a restaurant window through binoculars. We’ll just stay loose, we’ll get some great shots, and we’ll get you on that pet pics Web site, no sweat.

I never thought Steve would have the guts to tell you Bonkers was fake. But whrels to say that once we give it to them, we actually get your dad back? S Senator Buckingham Burt Reynolds. How are we this evening?

Retrieved November 17, Amfrican name is Theodore Bonkers. We’ll just stay loose, we’ll get some great shots, and we’ll get you on that pet pics Web site, no sweat.

The crossbow-wielding star tackles some what-ifs that would change everything we know about ” The Walking Dead. You framed Teddy Bonkers.


Meanwhile, Francine and Steve go to a mother-son dance and Stan ends up stealing Steve’s date.

American Dad s07e10 Episode Script

I just got a clue in the case of whether or not that new Thai restaurant gives you the runs. Retrieved October 13, How could you do this?

I’m going to Fudge. After several attempts by Roger to get Steve recognized by his peers, Roger nearly throws in the towel. It’s going to be so cute.

Retrieved July 21, Steve and Snot write a suicide note for Julia to get Ashley to forget about her, but Ashley becomes convinced Julia was murdered causing Steve to storm off and call Ashley a weirdo. My Favorite American Dad Episodes.

Add the first question. Uh, we have a submission from this address, and with permission, we’d like to publish it on the site. Hayley goes blonde so she can be taken more seriously in her activist endeavors. Stan sets out to prove that man is better than machine when a military drone takes his job and he and his coworkers end up kidnapped in Thailand after trying to steal the dictator’s asthma inhaler. You know what your problem is? Retrieved February 15, Stan’s lie about having a seizure, when he was really texting and drivingtakes a turn for the worse when he is put on anti-seizure medication that changes him into a Frankenstein-like monster.


It’s a part of life. Oh, yeah, forgot it was Sean’s birthday party at Bar Fudge. Plus I get to spend time with you.

Retrieved February 8, That turtle has a hamster on his back. Miami,’ But No Other Adjustments”. Stan puts Roger’s restaurant out of business, causing Roger to blow up both of their restaurants. My grandfather always claimed I would inherit a secret fortune.


The second part is to meet Buckingham there and talks him into playing golf with him. Retrieved November 24, Here’s the train station address, and here’s the locker number. He had it out for me the whole time.

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