We were all focused on building new race cars over that period of time and were delighted that after such a long wait that what we had come up with brought us all such good results. Please note that photo links below should take you to the event coverage; the other boxes are placeholders for links that we hope to update soon but we keep running out of time! Initially it will be just our own coverage, but if any other budding reporters and photographers are interested in contributing content from your own local clubs or promotions, we’d be interested to hear from you. So, although not making the final, his overall placing of 17 in his first UK race sent Cian home a very happy young man. In my first heat I achieved more than I could have dreamed of competing at such a level, placing second. He again placed 2nd overall. A part of West Cork People.

The second round was held in Lismore Co. Apologies for the lack of updates over the past few months – yet again pressure of work has been resulting in all our time disappearing between race weekends. In my first heat I achieved more than I could have dreamed of competing at such a level, placing second. Obviously the magazine world has changed in the 25 years since we first launched the Review, so we’ll welcome your views on what you want and expect from a grass roots racing maybe not just Autograss! Welcome to the re-launch of Autograss Review’s online magazine – or rather magazines as, to acknowledge the fact that we’re increasingly covering more than just NASA Autograss, we intend to split our content between two titles, Autograss Review and the new Grass Roots Racer. New group forging links for business and employment between West Cork and Dublin.

We received the worst possible news just after Christmas when an accident autogass a Ladies’ race at the St Stephen’s Day meeting at the Waterford Raceway claimed the life of the club’s devoted and universally loved secretary, Mairead D’Arcy.

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Race Oval: All Ireland Series Round 1 – The Rest of the Results

As a devoted early years teacher, she’d recently realised a dream with the very successful opening of her own school, “Maud’s Little Learners” in her home village of Stradbally, Co Waterford.

I struggled to get the grips with the car set up and unfortunately results suffered as a irelznd. Cormac took a hard hit coming into turn 1 of his first ifeland but miraculously kept the car going and placed in 2nd. However, it’s not just the racing world that will feel Mairead’s loss. This ensured that Emma claimed the Series win and myself a final win.


Hard work paid off with Cormac winning his class and another Hutton 1 2, Emma winning the round and myself winning the final.

Thanks to everyone who’s enquired after the magazine since our last printed issue, nocame out in August We haven’t given up on it, but our current workload, both in Autograss and in the “real world” isn’t allowing us time at present to make firm plans to re-launch the mag.

It proved to be a race fraught with mishaps, with a brake pipe failing on their car the gearbox giving trouble, but the father and son team worked hard to get back on the road and Cian secured a place in the semi-final. Mairead was rightly regarded as the heart and soul of the Waterford Raceway better known to Irish racers as “The Pike” and her personality and dedication to her local racers played a major part in making The Pike such a special and enjoyable place to go racing.

New Autograss track comes to Banbridge

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. He led from the start but it was an extremely tight race and was being chased all the way by some cars and drivers who never expected to be beaten by a young man driving a home built car. So, although not making the final, his overall placing of 17 in his first UK race sent Cian home a very happy young man. Eccles Hotel to build upon recent successes with ambitious plans.

We’re still hoping to re-launch the printed magazine at some stage in the future – so thanks to our loyal subscribers and advertisers in waiting for this to happen.

Please check the links below for our report and photo galleries of the very special season opener at the Waterford Raceway on 19 February, followed by what turned out to be regular visits throughout the season. Irelabd be aiming to clear the backlog from the season as quickly as possible, so please bear with us. Sorry for the delay! The heart ache of this round was a bit much at times with several accidents happening and several repairs having to be made.

Unfortunately, after a good battle Cian went out in the fourth heat; a problem arising due to steering damage with his car put him fourth position. This proved to be a very mixed weekend for myself and Emma, with Emma fairing quite well and myself very badly.

Cormac was then off the race in Wales at the Mens National Autograss Finals which he had qualified in second place for earlier in the season. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. But as our current workload means that this won’t be in the near future, we’ll concentrate for a while on bringing our online coverage up to date.


Autograsz was all to play for going into the round 3 as even though Cormac had two seconds he was now leading over all but 2nd place driver John Marley was close behind and on a mission in cork.

I then headed off Wales to compete in the Ladies National Zll Final, a huge event that I had never before attended which saw over women taking part. Some very tough racing was had, but the highlight of the weekend was most definitely A,l winning his final.

Y ou are visitor number s ince we last remembered to reset this counter! Myself and Emma struggled with the heats very much so, having to try fight our way tough a large field, with very wet conditions not helping matters. But it was that was a truly exceptional year for Cian, who took first place in the Junior 1a in the All-Ireland Autograss Series, going on to also win his class in the overall Junior and first place in the All Ireland series in class 1a. Myself 1st and Emma 2nd even though I wont the weekend Emma won the final.

New group forging links for business and employment between West Cork and Dublin. In November she’d raced for the first time at the Tipperary Raceway Rosegreen and came away a winner. Ireland well placed for a green-tech future.

Carlow Autograss. – Ballon Village

To the D’Arcy family, the racers and supporters at Waterford Raceway, to everyone on the Irish racing scene who’d been touched by Mairead’s influence, and to all in her local community, we offer our heartfelt condolences. But we’ll do our best Only two cars in every class in Ireland qualify for this event. Where has the magazine gone? In my first heat I achieved more than I could have dreamed of competing at such a level, placing second. So with marking the end of an exceptional run for Cian in the Juniors, the season serues again in March and a new chapter for Cian where no doubt we autogdass be sure of more exciting results from this talented young rallyer.

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