A good Hafiz will know the whole seven varieties. He had the right to explain the Qur’an, the Sunnat, and the Ijma’ according as he understood them. The fetters of a dogmatic system fasten alike around the individual and the community. But even descriptions of this kind, grand as they be, are not sufficient to kindle and preserve the enthusiasm and the faith and the hope of a nation like the Arabs. Benjamin, late Minister of the United States in Persia, says “The ‘Urf can never go against the Shari’at; and in case of appeal the final decision rests with the Shari’at, its canons in difficult questions being expounded by the Head of the Priesthood, called in Persia, the chief Mujtahid. Knowest thou not that God hath power over all things” ii. There are strict rules laid down which regulate Qiyas, of which the most important is, that in all cases it must be based on the Qur’an, the Sunnat, and the Ijma’. In Islam there is no regenerative power.

A Tradition said to come from the Companions runs thus: The social system and the laws of Islam are not as yet fixed in their rigidity. In the above enumerations the verse “Bismillah” 1 in the name of God is not reckoned. The letter of the book became, as Muhammad intended it should become, a despotic influence in the Muslim world, a barrier to freethinking on the part of all the orthodox, an obstacle to innovation in all spheres — political, social, intellectual and moral. The revelation itself is never made a subject of investigation or tried by the ordinary rules of criticism. Shahrastani speaks of “the signs sayings of the Prophet which have the marks of wahi.

The Imam ibn Hanbal would not even eat water-melons because, although he knew the Prophet ate them, he could not learn whether he ate them with or without the rind, or whether he broke, bit, or cut them: They could not, with sincerity defend the Unity of God, for they were pagans, and if they had done so, they could only have copied what he had said and a copy falls short of the power of the original. All penal laws and the rules regulating the substitution of one religious act for another, e.

He in whose hands stands Khadija’s life is my witness that thou wilt be the Prophet of this people. A modern Muhammadan writer, seeking to show that Islam does possess a capacity for progress, and that so far from being a hard and fast system, it is able to adapt itself to new circumstances, because the Prophet ushered in “an age of active principles,” uses the story I have already related when describing the origin of ijtihad to prove the accuracy of his statement.

In this and in similar ways the Shari’at is pretty effectually secured against modification by the Persian Government sezson the day. This Sura, however, seems to be composite. Men of other lands could not acquire the pure intonation of Mecca, and so no less 1 The ones highly commended by 599, were two of the Muhajirun or Refugees — ‘Abdu’llah bin Mas’ud, and Salim bin Ma’qal; and two of the Ansar, or Helpers — Mu’adh bin Jabal and Uba’i ibn Ka’b. Both salat and zakat are mushtarak words.


The glorious brightness of his countenance gave place to a ghastly hue, whilst the way in which he bent down his head showed the intensity aswwd the emotion through which he was passing. There is now no room for, as there is no need of, any other.

The next may bring improvement, or, if his rule is wholly intolerable, he can be deposed. One of the xeason famous of the Companions was Ibn ‘Abbas who is called by Syuti the “Father of the exegesis of the Qur’an.

Perform what it commands you: The Shi’ah, as well as aswaad Sunni, must base all legislation on the fossilised system of the past, not on the living needs of the present. Thus arose the systems of jurisprudence, founded by the four orthodox Imams, to one or other of which all Muslims, except the Shi’ahs, belong.

The Shi’ahs, it is true, reject the Sunnat, but they have in their own collection of Traditions an exact equivalent. Since then it has been the custom to recite the Qur’an in this way in Ramadan, and seasson to quote it by the ruku’, e.

A Tradition, probably framed to meet this case, says “the disagreement of my people is a mercy from God. Ayat really means a aswaf, and was the name given by Muhammad to short sections or verses of the Qur’an.

All questions of dogma, private right and rites are entirely without their xswad. There seems to have been no definite order in which, when the book was compiled, the various Suras were arranged, for the 1 The Mu’tazilas hold that, if God allowed it, men could produce a Surah like it in eloquence and arrangement.

The book in its present form may be accepted as a genuine reproduction of Abu Bakr’s edition with authoritative corrections. But the term more probably means “the Prophet of the Gentiles,” as distinguished from a prophet belonging to seasoj “people wpisode the Book,” i.

Amongst the orthodox Musalmans, the foundations of Islam are considered to be four in number, the Qur’an, Sunnat, Ijma’, and Qiyas. It used to contain the verse of the stoning “If the old man and the old woman commit adultery, stone them. At Mecca Muhammad and his followers did not stand facing any particular direction when at prayer. This way of reading, according to the reckoning of Abu Ja’far Zaid bin Qa’qa, contains verses.

Its golden age was in the past.

The use of the word “taught” in the quotation from Sura liii. During the month of Ramadan the Qur’an is repeated every night in the mosque, it being so arranged that a juz, a thirtieth part, shall be recited each night.


The position of the circle, the symbol denoting a full stop, in that verse is of the highest importance in connection with the rise of scholasticism ‘ilmu’lkalam in Islam. The question of the genuineness of the Sura is there discussed, pp.

The variety in the number of verses is thus accounted for: The verse which abrogates is called nasikh, and the abrogated verse mansukh. Zaid, too, knew that something unusual was happening, for so heavy became the head of Muhammad that it was with the greatest difficulty he could support the weight. Muir in his Life of Muhammad vol, i, p.

In reciting the Qur’an, the person so doing must carefully observe all the rules and aswas concerning it. They are but one another’s friends.

جميع المسلسلات اونلاين | Mosalsalat Modablaja

Islam there came into contact with other races of men, but from them it had nothing to learn. The ruling sswad desires no change; originality of thought, independence of judgment is repressed. In this way he recited about two hundred verses each evening, that is, about ten verses in each rak’at. I have added a list of the verses cited from the Qur’an and a table showing the approximate chronological order of the Suras in the Qur’an.

It is said that, except when delivering the Qur’an, Muhammad spoke by ilham, and not by wahi. Then, as Bukhari all it, he looked up and saw the angel who had appeared to him on a former occasion.

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Turkish conquerors, in the full tide of might and energy, have overspread and extirpated; nowhere have they planted. Its decrees are held to be binding not in the spirit merely, but in the very letter on all men, at all times, and under every circumstance of life. This effectually confines the order of commentators in the strict sense of the word to the Companions, and supplies the reason why commentators since then simply reproduce their opinions. When the Prophet died the revelation ceased.

The Tafsir-i-Ibn ‘Abbas gives another illustration of muawwal eoisode Sura xli.

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When once the disciple has entered the sect of one Imam, he cannot leave it and join another. My mercy and peace are on them, living 1 or dead. As a general rule, the shorter Suras, which contain the theology of Islam, belong to the Meccan period of the Prophet’s career, 3 and taught to the Quraish by Umayah of Taif, the poet, who was contemporary with, though somewhat older than Muhammad.

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