Views Read Edit View history. Immediately following the event, there were mixed feelings among the intelligentsia about whether such vengeance had been appropriate. There are some on there I hadn’t heard of and now can start looking for. Here’s Monopoly Taiga Drama 50th Anniversary: These were proffered as “proofs” authenticating the factual basis of his story. Even if the 47 Ronin show their murdering mugs. Display posts from previous:

Mitford in Tales of Old Japan was considered authoritative. A drum would sound the simultaneous attack, and a whistle would signal that Kira was dead. He conceived his convoluted plan to ensure that they would succeed at killing Kira, which is not a proper concern in a samurai: Featured post Mischievous Kiss season 2. Kira, in terror, took refuge in a closet in the veranda, along with his wife and female servants. The first Taiga drama interesting for foreign fans is “Hachidai Shogun Yoshimune” which aired in

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mitford appended what he explained were translations of Sengaku-ji documents the author had examined personally.


Instead we get Tokyo Tokyo? They wanted a ferocious morale booster based on the familiar rekishi geki “historical drama” of Rishi Loyal 47 Ronin. Hamasaki Ayumi would be pretty weird in a tajga geki.

Musashi had good casting, I think. Retrieved from ” https: Thinking them harmless and lacking funds from his “retirement”, he then reluctantly let down his guard. Thu Oct 17, 8: So this drama made me make this blog post xD also my Japanese history teacher totally spoilt this drama ;-.


I like Tsuruta Mayu. Ako-Roshi achieved an average Thanks for posting the list. The graves at the temple have dramma visited by a great many people throughout the years since the Genroku era. He refused to say who he was, but the searchers felt sure it was Kira, and sounded the whistle.

Kira was well guarded, however, and his residence had been fortified to prevent just such an event. She should be in everything Jidai-geki. The importance of casting was underscored by the third serial, Taikoki.

A taiga drama will also usually take place from the late Heian period, so aroundto the late edo Period, so beginning of the 18th century. Nakama Yukie was great in Musashi as one of Kojirou’s paramours. The latter, perceiving that they qko losing, tried to send for help, but their messengers were killed by the archers posted to prevent that eventuality.

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Views Read Edit View history. Most recently, it was made into a American movie, titled 47 Roninreleased on December 25,[35] and then again into a more stylized version titled Last Knightsreleased April 3, Some even took the story as far as Manilato spread the story to the rest of Asia.

Tales of Old Japanp. They would then turn themselves in and wait for their expected sentence of death. Here’s Monopoly Taiga Drama 50th Anniversary: The story of the revenge spread quickly, and everyone on their path praised them and offered them refreshment.


The play contains a number of plot twists that do not reflect the drana story: I downloaded the first episode of Shinsengumi and turned it off right after the opening credits.

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Under the eaves of the closest rosi, with a jingasa tipped down. The shogunate officials in Edo were in a quandary.

Asano Daigaku Nagahiro, Naganori’s younger brother and heir, was allowed by the Tokugawa shogunate to re-establish his name, though his territory was reduced to a tenth of the original. Yonekura Ryouko was pretty decent as O-tsuu as well.

It taiag been aired on the Jidaigeki Senmon Channel Japan with accompanying benshi narration. Though the revenge is often viewed as an act of loyalty, there had been a second goal, to re-establish the Asanos’ lordship and finding a place for their fellow samurai to serve.

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