She just cannot stop being evil. Well I guess they will have to. And I wonder if the Modi grandkids will help,out too. I mean like my father used to say…. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing. Oh man that is going to be so upsetting I am sure for all her fans. Everyone who watches this show just loves it and could never get enough. Well since I took the auditon they told me everything abut the storyline.

I almost cried of happiness when I saw that! Go check them out and comment. And so you say your gonna be the new Rashi! So shooting starts next week, I wonder how long does it take for them to air a show once shooting is done. Notify me of new comments via email. They are going to take a leap. Anyway,so the sneak previews showed Radha saying to Tripti everything about Meera and Kokila overhears everything!!!!!

A snapshot of Kokila’s memory loss; Gopi flames on Radha in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

So the telebuzz says that Radha is going to be behind the fire and witch Radha is getting caught. Almost like when Gopi left.

I really enjoyed todays show and so I even wrote about it. But everybody is going to miss Rashi! March 29, at August 4, at 7: Now that the whole Radha and Tripti storyline is over,Rashi is back to her old ways.


August 5, at 3: So yes I know you will be busy on the set when you start…. I am so excited!!! I sure cannot wait to see this too.

Gopi Try To Tie A Tie For Ahem | Saathiya Episode 538 | Giaa Manek Videos

It was so much fun! July 23, at 8: That fite really helped to make the show worth watching. She really changed in a good way. I tell you some women will stoop.

August 2, at 3: Do you know that Rucha Hasabnis will leave Saathiya in July? So Rashi is going to die out of her character?

All clip of saath nibhana saathiya full episode |

Those two are made for each other. I was so happy that Koki has gotten her memory back. And yeah so,this new male teacher knows Gopi and he is going to madly fall in love with Gopi and wants to create a distance between Gopi and Ahem. July 10, at 3: I wish her all the best. July 6, at 2: Yes it seems to be a family thing alright…LOL! July 25, at 3: I am so pissed with Rashi most times but It will be so sad to see her go.

Anyway,I might be doing a blog to on wordpress.

Rashi will give her a episodr of her mind. July 14, at 7: Gopi really looked fabulous and so did Rashi. Gopi fires on Radha seeing her ill treating Gauri.


And thanks so much for the pic from your photoshoot. I am not looking forward to more of that.

Gopi Saves Ahems Life | Saathiya Episode | Giaa Manek Videos –

So now Rashi decided to use poor Meera instead. Her evil smirks are just too much! Ahem was so hard for a long time with Gopi in the beginning of their marriage and Kokila gets hurt wpisode so turns hard too at times against Gopi. July 6, at 7: I had so much fun and excitement burning in me on set and imagine actually working there and with everyone!!

Radha deserves 40 slaps not just one. Those keys are a responsibility to the whole house and savess and she hates it because she has to do work?! This is such amazing news to me. Yeah I loved when Rashi threw Urmila out too.

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