Why is Derin n Emine still alive- kill them instead! The following list of keywords is sorted from A to Z. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the first season and wish that there was a chance for the drama to continue; it would have been good to see that Sinan would achieve the happy ending he deserved after suffering so greatly. Would love to see Season two. And Timur was a Man that would give her and her son, love, security and a mature type of love. Did Sinan live after he is shot? The weather rainy and cool

I just finished the 79 episodes on Netflix and could not be any more disturbed!! Mine has become a woman. It made me so angry.. Hoping to find some more movies with him. I rolled my eyes at his constant need to talk to or see her. His whole instance that he was having a son and why was just beyond annoying. Thanks for the subtitles!!!

Mediocre acting compared to her older sister, Emine who is an excellent actress. Unknown 15 July at We enjoyed watching this series but the last 78th episode was a little disappointing in that it prepared the ground for a second season that was never made.

I would not even consider it to be love at all! Or it could have been Derin whose legs we see with the high heels. In any case, it must be a warning indication of whether the show is complete or not. Please bring on season 2!!!! Kurt Sayet ve Sura was really a spectacular Turkish series that continued to the very end, based on true people who went through the Russian Revolution.

I am in tears!

Liliana Fior 16 June at The drama needed eeason be better. It would be weird if he had no attachment to him. One thing I have decided I will not watch any more shows made in Turkey. I sometimes get the impression that I am on a soapbox delivering a monologue, so your comments are welcome.


The last episode was an opening for a second eason that will never come! Loved Timor with Mine. So sad no season 2. I looked at the last episode again and it looks like Sinan was shot by crazy Darien, you see a woman in high heels walking away.

I likes she stayed with Timur. Did he meet his ex and encourage her to appear to teach Mine a lesson?


The following image list is analyzed based on the image search for the keyword Ahbabto Tifla Season 2 Youtube. Where did Timur disappear for half an hour during the wedding? I so wanted to see a better ending. The way Sinan said “what are you doing here?

I think she made the right choice. Tracie Harrell 16 January at Although Sinan tries to contact Mine, Emine scuttles this attempt.

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Eva Lederer 20 November at It would’ve been nice to a happy ending for all. Lovebird and Kurt Seyit very Sura left me wanting more too. Unknown 28 July at And Timur was a Man that would give her and her son, love, security and a mature type of love. So sad to see Sinan shot and pissed off at this abrupt ending.

For example The girl that i loved, lovebirds kept one guessing. Sinan tries to kill Timur for loving Mine, but Derin distracts him and kills Funda as revenge. I have some memories of Timur helping Sinan with new problems with Demir, and am under the impression that Timur gives up upon Mine after realizing she is still really in love with Sinan.


I have only recently discovered Turkish dramas and I am completely in love with them. So her choice is clear. Maybe it was Memo? We never even saw her.

Watched all the episodes, spent so many hours on this and finally sewson to episode 70 and oh boy! I felt the same way There are so many questions to be answered. This was a well-produced and well-acted show with a host of talented stars and supporting cast.

If you were an SEOer or online marketer, the data on the analysis of the keyword ” Ahbabto Tifla Season ahbato Youtube ” would be very helpful. Love watching the Turkish films.

Ahbabto Tifla Season 2 Youtube

Whatever the reason for ending it, is not acceptable. I would not consider this to be mature love After so much zhbabto, why do movies and series fail us in the end? Please make season two!!! LOL not realizing that they never made a Season 2. That poor guy loved her to insanity.

The cast of actors were amazing.

She meows, she doesn’t speak. I stopped liking the character of Timur and even ahbabti upset at Mine – how could her big love change??

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