So,I ain’t giving you the No. To make him suffer,as we have suffered. This family wanted a daughter of their own to replace the one they lost. But now you’ve come. So where we going next? I am afraid, I can not give you the location of the No.

There are things that we cannot allow you to do. I just wanted revenge for you. You ain’t get no info of these party people about No. We’re walking the demon path again. You will have your revenge. We’re row dogs again! That was an unnecessary distraction. That man you cut down.

Do you have the balls? Never forget that it was Afro Samurai that made you what you are. Resuerection rest assure,in 2 weeks we shall be witnessed to a miracle.

Afro Samurai: Resurrection subtitles

This is simply a perfect coincidence of interests. You are truly twisted! Am I gonna die here! The time is finally upon us! I just got another brother! Dead bodies and orphans.


Afro Samurai: Resurrection subtitles |

I have no choice. Man,things sure have changed! You praise me so wonderfully,Lady Sio. Look,look my dear brother. We finally brought him to justice. Setting of the restructuring system is complete.

Didn’t you dead him already? So, I got that No. Why you got to walk dirctly in the every trap. You’ve seen a crazy sexy bitch with a Teddybear-headed dude around here? It is just a piece of cloth, you idiot.

My father must rest in peace.

At least,this is the last time Samuari have to eat your lousy rat poison. That’s a damn shame! You know I just realised. Now you listen to me,and you listen good. However, this stage is very sensitive, and if the slightest error occurs, we still could lose everything. Hey man,keep on swingin while I have my groove on!

Afro Samurai: Resurrection (2009) subtitles

You killed my only brother! They are resurrectlon real parents. Run Afro,you can’t win! We’re gonna torture you. His twice killed only friend, and his beloved father, shall impale him with their revengeful blades.


Oh man, you’re running? Yo look out for this party tracker now. Including my brother, Afro! Wrong answer,you’re an idiot.

Afro Samurai: Resurrection – – English Subtitles

I am afraid, I can not give you the location of the No. Yo Afro,I got 2 for 1 dance man.

Its promise is power,omnipotence, immortality. And when I bring him back from the dead, I’m gonna toy with him Afro Samurai, now that you lost fair and square

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