He took that paper but forgot his gun at Sushant’s house. Viren now puts his trust in the Gods. Karan’s childhood friend, Sania Mathur, arrives at Swarn Bhavan and falls in love with him. Viren, who thanks Abha and asks her to forgive him. The family is stunned when Karan is furious at Ranchod for using Abha for his performance. Karan is walking along with Ranchod’s son in a street. The Thakur’s youngest daughter, Swarn Abha, is forced to work as an employee in Swarn Bhavan to bring in money for her family where Jagmohan’s youngest son, Karan Prasad, falls in love with her.

Vimal is now arrested, but is shown that he is not really the person who had raped her. Karan now decides to get Swarn Bhawan sold as because of it they have made so many enemies. She escapes, severely injuring herself, and reaches Swarn Bhawan but is caught by Priyanka and the goons. Otherwise he will be sent to a Government hospital and will most likely die. The pandit tells singhanias that the unborn child’s grandmother will have to go to Kshipra river and bring its water. Abha says that she had to tell this lie so that Daai Maa could confess her crime. Sanskar is still madly in love with Abha and wants her, deciding to kill Karan; he fails many times. In the passbook, it is mentioned that Daai maa has a family account with someone.

Twist of Fate 3 Teasers — February On the day of the hearing Shelly tells Karan everything about Abha’s marriage with Ranchod. Jagmohan suffers a heart attack. Actually Karan has escaped from that place and he returns to Ujjain. Shelly gets threatening calls. Sanskar is still madly in love with Abha and wants her, deciding anha kill Karan; he fails many times.


Yahaan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli

Abha and Karan promises Pratibha that the responsibility of wedding is theirs agha they will try their best to make it an unforgettable wedding. Daai maa blames Aruna, whom inspector believes, and arrests Aruna. August teasers for my Golden home Read: She supports him stating that whatever he does will be for everyone’s good.

Kanika goes to Karan and says you and Karan have always thought of our happiness and this is why, brother and sister in law are regarded as father and mother. Aruna throws water on Lata.

Abha is about to tell the family the sad news about Karan, when Ranchod enters. The family decides to start a Achar-Papad business. Meanwhile, the pandit tells the Singhanias that the unborn child’s grandmother will have to go kagan Kshipra river and bring its water. There, Aabha when to search for Karan one last time and Ranchod went his way. After that, Karan is kidnapped by Dushyant, who is actually trying to kidnap Ranchod.

Thakur Uday Pratap unable to control this trauma goes into coma. Koyal is in a car, and she kills Chanda Prabha mercilessly, while her daughter stares horrified. A new character is added, named Raj Singhania, a childhood friend of Karan’s.

This leaves Prathibha shocked.

“Yahan Mein Ghar Ghar Kheli” Episode # (TV Episode ) – IMDb

Forbidden Love Teasers March Priyanka’s nanny, who enters Swarn Bhawan is really Yashodhra in disguise. The guy says i was not following you. Abha was about to tell the family the sad news about Karan when Ranchod posed as Karan entered.

Ranchod gets arrested for the murder of Dushyant. Now, Albeli exposes Priyanka’s evil intentions in front of the family. Abha, on the other hand, was brutally beaten and locked in a small room with nothing but hay and a small window.


Pratibha and Jagmohan are stunned when Ranchod announces his decision to leave Swarn Bhavan. Prathibha also supports them. The family is reunited.

Meanwhile, Shaili’s mother Karuna enters Swarn Bhawan after hearing the aba news of death of the men of the family. Viren can do the operation of Karan. The Prasad Family was expecting Karan and Abha to bring Ranchod home, the hav play a grnad birthday party for both sons. King of hearts season two May teasers.

Updated: September teasers for My Golden Home Zee World series

Sunday, 21 August yahan main ghar ghar kheli i love it. Karan is unaware about the death of the men of his family as Abha do aedding tell abhw about this because Viren informs her that Karan is not fully well and she should tell him later. On Abha’s request the widowed women of family agrees to wear coloured dresses and presuming before Karan that they are not widows.

She asks Abha for forgiveness. Priyanka chopra has a nanny who is Yashodara from previous episodes.

Yahaaan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli – Alchetron, the free social encyclopedia

While walking towards his room, Ranchod accidentally drops his and Abha’s marriage photograph near the corridor. Then Pratibha Karan’s mom says no. Shelly sees a side to Vimal she has never seen before, Jagmohan shocks Vimal with their new reality.

Priyanka makes a deal with Kanika to split the money equally for hiding the truth.

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