She feels that her usual bad luck at the hands of destiny will ruin everything, but Raza tells her that this time around, things would be different. The dialogues of Sheeda bowl you over and the power of her spoken words coupled with the electric performance of Bushra Ansari leave you spell bound in each sequence. In the meantime, Hassan was forced to realize the intensity of his feelings and was overcome with a sense of great loss. Brilliant performances which made me thoroughly enjoy this scene as well as the last scene of this episode. He fits in neither of the two brackets and has qualities from both. The visuals caught by Mohommad Ehteshamuddin create a very vivid picture of village life- both the natural beauty of their simple surroundings as well as the difficulties associated with their everyday struggles. The so-called- audition of a sullen Mira appeared successful but Arsh was adamant that she would not be the right fit for their band. Her Prince charming finds her there and out pours her version of events.

However, in many ways the last few episodes have taken the pleasure out due to some unsavory events in the story-line. As an end note, I will state that good quality television productions automatically result in getting viewers. As Anmol was left stumped for words, Mohid clean bowled the audience for a six, by proving to be no less of a Shahrukh Khan of the small screen. Anyway, the loyalists will keep following this drama as they have come so far. He told Mehrbano however not to feel pressurized- she should do what she wants to, at the end of the day. Udaari is testament to how far we have come in terms of the use of television. Accordingly, Anmol gloated over Mohid as he joined her for breakfast and handed him a few harsh statements along with an oily paratha.

However, in many ways the last few episodes have taken the pleasure out due to some unsavory events in the story-line. This statement was the last straw as Anmol was turned out and told by her mother not to return. It helps that he is well supported by Peisode Hayat who is a vision every time she is on screen and the chemistry between them is enough to deal with the load shedding problem courtesy of his sidekick Dastageer cutting the electric supply.

Looking forward to next week! I will keep this post running whenever Hheegi am watching more than one drama and through paljein posts, will run you through the weekly television pluss and lows. Acceptance is the first step and awareness is the prerequisite to change. The dialogues of Sheeda bowl you over and the power of her spoken words coupled with the electric performance of Bushra Ansari leave you spell bound in each sequence. In a nutshell, this drama is quite watchable at the moment.


We realized that we need a week to heal after Salahuddin provided us with more reasons to be disappointed.

This was a beautiful scene and a lot was said about the dignity in hard work through the words of Sheedan. Clearly Sheeda has the wisdom acquired dtama years of experience and knows that his love will disappear like a puff of smoke when his mother gives him a good plua off.

Balla explained to his sister that they could not allow themselves to grieve indefinitely or they would starve. Either Mehrbano is confused or she manages to confuse me with her erratic behavior!

Episode 5 started with Sheeda discovering that Meera left the children outside the school everyday, to meet her love Ilyas. We enjoy the drama most of all because of him and he is a joy to watch.

This drama has a great cast and the actors have done their best to do justice to their individual roles but the biggest problem with this drama is the weak script by Nuzhat Saman and Mansoor Ahmed Khan.

Bheegi Palkein Episode 10 Full Aplus Drama

To read my detailed review on Mann Mayal Episode 14, I refer you to my blog post — Click on this link: In their effort to be good, most of them will defy all reason and suffer no end.

Before behegi anything more l let me give you a brief synopsis z the two episodes. Salahuddin disappoints another female. As Hassan tries to put Mehrbano in the past and move on, the fact that Fariha is haunted by her actions will stand in the way of their marital bliss.

She readily accept a roadside marriage proposal and sends “love you too” messages to a one night old fiance; are you serious? The reason why I enjoyed the latter does not warrant an explanation. When Zebo asked her mother why Q Sheeda had turned away without paalkein her properly, Zebo was ordered to stay away from Sheeda and taught the scary lesson that she must obey adults without question. Thereafter Mehr bano was welcomed equally by both in-laws.

The first two episodes set the scene of the drama introducing us to the characters.

Bheegi Palkein Episode 10 Full Aplus Drama – video dailymotion

The rest of the episode dealt with the teething issues of Sheeda and Mira as they adjusted to their new and lavish surroundings where the bathrooms were big enough to be rooms and the food was enough to feed an army. So I will no doubt be back next week with the woes of our Cinderella as she continues shedding tears at her naseeb!

Despite several attempts made by Fareeha to not let the wedding happen, they finally get married. Fariha catches sight of Mehrbano on her way out and no doubt this means that the next episode will be a bumpy ride! The performances of the cast were good but the script was a big let down. It is clear that Mehr bano heroworships him, but his offer frama marriage shocks her.


Bheegi Palkein Episode 10

Episode 16 made me rather angry- to the point that I have delayed writing this review in order to compose my thoughts. As a young woman, Meera is shown dealing with heartbreakwhile Sheeda suffers in her own way, as a mother who can see that her daughter was treated unfairly. Salahuddin proved that he would lose badly at the board-game Cluedo he refused to even understand direct statements by his mother- Jeena likes you son! Such is their plight. More importantly if you enjoyed this post, do share it with other like-minded individuals.

Bheegi Palken Episode 10 Full on Aplus 15th January 2016

I whizzed through the first five episodes of this drama last week and believe me, they were absolutely top notch! Imtiaz in the meantime had deama mind on things other than work. Fariha and Samina throw a tantrum but a khagina acts as comfort food as they deal with the latest blow.

What a night it turned out to be! Faryal Mehmood performed the various shades of her character from mindless manipulation to total insanity with aplomb. Meera had chosen a man over her family, over her heritage and even over her mother- she had wanted to escape from everything.

Even Zebo, the youngest female of this drama is not safe as she is targeted when her mother is away from home. Both Faysal Bheegu and Faryal Mehmood are electric every time they are on screen but 25 episodes down, an end is no where in sight.

My question is even if Hassan realizes his mistake, after all that has transpired, should Mehrbano forgive him and start over? The screaming session of Fariha in front of the servant pllus this episode was a bit silly.

She probably also realized that sending her parents back so soon was a very bad idea! Life is unfair and no doubt half the audience was probably heart broken by this point.

Udaari continues taking strong strides towards reaching its goal — by driving its disturbing and yet highly relevant message home to the audience. Her Prince charming finds palken there and out pours her version of events.

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