I used mostly h as it was a lower priced powder at that time. I use Sierra bullets with starting loads of AA The final decision is yours. I don’t think shoulder was set too far back. This charge almost filled the case to the top. I first size to 6mm then 7mm.

I want to start shooting cast out of my 7mm TCU, and I’ve settled on a mold, the lyman I never shot a match but it was real popular in my area at the time. Haven’t tried the soup can or the Bator. I dont have one but the RCBS is good choice. Thanks for the input. All times are GMT

I like a smooth recoil roll like a singles action revolver. If the reader wonders why I didn’t buy one of the handcannon barrels available, the answer is one word– recoil. My arms would get tired of holding out the heavy and wobbly pistol while I frantically searched for a deer in the scope, a deer I could see with my bare eyes but couldn’t find in the scope if my life depended on it.

Sooner or latter you are going to run into the nettles regardless of how careful you are. The 7 Soupcan is available from Midsouth. What is the parent brass?

In many areas the season is coming to a close. Pretty much confirmed that the flat base bullets are slightly more accurate on and average cat the boat tail bullets, but naturally the boat tails are better at distance due to the higher BC.

While I have reloaded quite a bit during my 65 years on the planet; I have not done so recently. I am tired of typing.


7mm tcu loads

You don’t always need m. Mayhem Arsenal Beartooth Regular. I load it with the RCBS gr. But, the solid base Noslers are pretty much unheard of any more. Thanks Guys, appreciate the help and Merry Christmas.

During that time, I had approximately rounds of brass that had over 26 reloads in them. I hunt on the ground, either in a thicket or at the edge of a thicket.

Richard Pickering posted this 24 November I have had good luck with the 7mm TCU in a Contender using 77mm bullets. Also, Bkllet am looking at removing the block in the magazine so I can load longer rounds.

She primarily uses it for our cast bullet silhouette match, to M. That makes a nice easy shooting load in the fps range. I think it was doing in the neighborhood of fps, and was adequate for the rams. Even has one of my letters to Elgin copied xast it and I didn’t even know he had done that until recently or old man memory just forgot. I have not loaded for the 7 tcu in a year, but the tcu family has a wide range of possibilities. Largely explains my getting away from reloading!

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Normally use the Redding dies. I deer hunted for several years with the Super 14″ 7mm TCU barrel shown in the bottom of this photo.

Bullet Expansion Test: T-C 10″ 7mm TCU

7nm Haven’t used but have used other powders where the higher end listed charges were difficult to get in the case. I will try a few things. Charter member Michigan liars club! Began with IMR because that is what I had on hand.


It was lightweight and easy to hold at arm’s reach. Password Please enter a password for your user account.

Find an old 7mm mauser and have the barrel turned off, cut off, rethreaded and chambered for your 7mm TCU. My brother is shooting 8. Results 1 to 20 of I shot the TCU for many years when I was shooting silly wett. I’ve done a lot of subsonic work the last few months, and the 7mm hunter molds as sold here by noe was as good as any I’ve tried, and personally it worked better for me than the soupcan.

I love to load for several 22 centerfire cartridges but I must admit it takes a little patience to start casting consistently good 22 caliber boolits. My best loads with the RCBS were 28 gr,7mmm, 7. Dont over size the brass.

Cast for 7mm TCU—-10” Contender

Break open action but probably not as precision as a TC. You run the commerical. So my brass to start with is way too short.

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