Share this Rating Title: It tells the story about a ten-year-old student, daughter and sister named Natascha Kampusch who lives in a house in the capital city of Austria with her parents, and who one day whilst on her way to school is abducted by a thirty-six-year-old unemployed telecommunications technician in a white van named Wolfgang Priklopil and taken to his residence. They want to pick and pull apart the parts that affected them and they want others to agree with them. What happened to him to make him the way he was? The actress Antonia Campbell Hughes looks frighteningly thin. I have not read the book but I am sure it was an extraordinary story and to bring it to screen would be a challenge. Natascha’s Grandmother Erni Mangold

No context, no purpose. Not only that it is slow in pace and filmed in a completely bland style without and sense for atmosphere speaking of “direction” or cinematography – which is, believe it or not – done by world famous cinematographer Michael Ballhaus! It premiered in Germany, was screened in the German Cinema section at the 64th Berlin International Film Festival in , was shot on locations in Germany and is a German production which was produced by producer Martin Moszkovich. By the way, the sets were terrific, claustrophobic, overwhelming. There’s not a lot of people, either. Instead the viewer is given completely erratic scenes one after the other that merely raise the suspicion that the script was created by a year-old and the actors hired off the street. It’s easy to find the errors on the technical aspect and the flaws of the movie but when you think of it from the girl’s perspective it is totally shocking and long incident that everyone never dreamt about.

But the real star is the director, nataascha a simple bir very impressive movie. It lacked both cohesion and continuity. Hopefully, it will inspire compassion in us. Based on real life events.

Wolfgang’s Mother Roeland Wiesnekker On the contrary, I think it is only showing disrespect to tell a story like this if you’re not capable of doing it properly. I’m glad they made it though and more people are now aware of Natascha’s horrific ordeal.


A kamphsch and dull film estebangonzalez10 7 March Also, her father’s sad story is completely omitted. The real person was kept on an almost starvation diet for years.

It is necessary for films like this to be made so the myths and lies of sex slavery are viewed for what the reality tqge The hints of blaming the victims echo the usual excuses, that these victims in some way got what they “deserve” for not apparently fighting back, for “letting it happen”, and on and on. Characters were well developed by the the writing staff as well as the actors.

The crossbow-wielding star tackles some what-ifs that would change everything we know about ” The Walking Dead. An atmospheric, authentically surreal and cinematographic narrative feature. This film looks very simple at the surface, but deep inside holds very good character development and feelings. As awful and gruesome as the actual story of Natascha Kampusch was and kammpusch, then having seen this movie, I must admit that I sit here with a somewhat foul taste in my mouth.

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Overall i found it most compelling and thought provoking 30065 different sides of human nature. Kampusch stated that the reality was far worse than the film depicted, so this glimpse into the world of sex slavery was watered down considerably.

There’s not a lot of people, either.

It is necessary for films like this to be made so the myths and lies of sex slavery are viewed for what the reality is: You’re pretty much getting a clear-cut version of her ordeal but that’s not surprising with most adaptations of real life stories, especially ones that have an important chronology as hers did.

There are some scenes that were as I imagined them to be reading the book. People seem to like to focus on the negatives don’t they. This kampusc story that many have heard of in the news is realistically brought to the screen in this well made gage shocking movie.


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Written by Bulma PunkRocker. The victim writing a secret list of received abuses, while calling them out, presumably for the viewer to hear, but at the same knowing that her captor is probably listening, is something which should have been written with more thought. Then how come the rest of the editing is so amateurish? But is authenticity enough to make this a good movie? But, the facts are that when Ms. I think it is respectful and realistic and tells us a valuable tale about the extent to which others can suffer.

Since the movie is based on her autobiographical book ” Tage”, we learn very little about the kidnapper’s motives and his emotional world. Bbishop 5 September Was this review helpful?

Based on the true story of Natascha Kampusch, a girl who was kidnapped and kampuscn for over 8 years, this film was never going to make for easy viewing. I came to this movie having read Natascha Kampusch’s book of the same name, and watched a documentary about the case.

I believe that if the film gave us a better glimpse of the outside world and the struggle Natascha’s parents were going through, it would have engaged the audience more. Sign in to vote.

She spent 8 and a half years under strict captivity by her kidnapper, and managed to survive one of the cruelest experiences a child should never have.

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