I’ve never lost a child but was there as my sister did. So when the doctor says you could be in labor for up to two days, how do you feel about that? I hope the guy who was told he was the father sues her in a civil suit for emotional distress. She should be in fucking jail honestly. Really someone is crazy enough to have sex with her. If she still allows him around her, theres no self respect there and i feel sorry for her son. This absolutely crushes me. She released this picture of her and her “stillborn son.

No hospital would wrap a still born child in a large bed sized blanket. LOL dinosaur face is so accurate. I cannot believe she got so many people to go along with her, as well. As you can see, that’s Nikkole in a hospital gown, holding an infant. Nikkole says she has left Josh behind and that she realizes she should never let him, or anyone else, treat her that way. People downvote for no reasons. Especially not the mom’s.

To whoever downvoted the stillborn photography, grief is powerful and sometimes having a picture of the baby you only got to see for a short time helps in ways you can’t understand. It just makes me so sick. Get her on Dr Phil so he can call her on her bullshit like he tried to do with “I’m so perfect at life” Farrah! This picture is faked. Would the same be possible for Nikkole? The world is hateful enough, I don’t need to contribute to it.

She nessa serious help she did all of this not just for the money but to trap a guy!!

I know this whole situation is pretty controversial, and it still makes me angry. It got all the rumors and things that didn’t add aeason all meshed together and explained it out really well. Nicole was a complete and total space cadet on her 16 and pregnant…. If she’d gotten money from him during the pregnancy maybe it would qualify as some extortion or something but it primarily was psychological manipulation.


The other possibility would be that once the story about the stillbirth and the medical records didn’t get accepted by the public the way that she wanted them to, she might have taken the next step and taken the picture to try and keep people quiet.

Guilt is a very real and very painful issue with a stillborn. Sorry for my rants lol i have so many more which is sad.

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They accuse her of only caring about Josh but she wants to prove them wrong for the upcoming homecoming dance. Josh threatens to leave, changes his mind, and stays through the labor.

And didn’t she tell Lyle he was going to be a big brother?! God they are both such twat waffles. Josh cheated on Nikkole and treated her terribly but she takes him back when he apologizes because she’s nikokle in love with him.

I dunno who downvotes a post with information about free infant funeral gowns but I hope no one here thought I was saying women with miscarriages, stillborns or infant deaths bring it on themselves. It’s beyond mentally unstable, it’s literally time for the rubber room and shock treatments. Obviously they’re not happy and smiley in the picture but they want to remember their child in some way.

Jenelle faked nikkolr miscarriage and even faked pictures of her bleeding in the bathtub. To have this dumb cunt make a mockery of such a horrible, life shattering event is easily one of the epizode 5 most evil things I’ve ever seen. This must be that picture or something similar she concocted.

For a lack of better words, all. Nikkole and Josh come to a compromise that she’ll go to the dance with her friends for an hour and then hang out with Josh. Notify me of new posts by email. I’ve been wanting them and my nose done for as long as I can remember. I thought they were only for making the terminally ill comfortable?


Nikkole PaulunSlip Up Regarding Stillbirth | Teen Mom Junkies

Notice her hands and arms are covered to make sure you can’t tell if there’s an IV hooked up to her. People are saying that nikkole’s mother always had custody of Lyle since like he was six months or so.

Just know that Nikkole is a fucking psychotic cunt rocket that is going straight to the bottom and everyone hates her and she’s going to have a miserable shitty life. I figure spisode lot of people don’t know the depths of the full story and that’s why she hasn’t been completely mob lynched out of anger and hatred for doing something so heinous.

It really should be taken more seriously though But seriously who the fuck knows I read that it was completely false, Thank God. They need to be released into a room full of parents who are experiencing this grief. That’s odd that Chelsea has a manager at all, let alone the same pregnanf Nikkole.

Didn’t same have a baby girl, unless Chariie is short for Charlotte. I have pictures with Emma and her mother, and one of her mother holding her teenie, tiny, perfect little hand.

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